How many Valentine’s day

Valentine's gifts

Valentine’s Day is very famous and has become the most anticipated special day of the year. On this day, you will see couples giving each other the most romantic things, which can be meaningful and romantic gifts with the most sincere wishes.

valentines day
How many Valentine's day

What day is Valentine’s Day?

Valentine’s Day, also known as Saint Valentine’s Day or the Feast of Saint Valentine, is celebrated annually on February 14th. It’s a day to celebrate love and romance, with couples traditionally exchanging gifts like chocolates, flowers, and cards.

There isn’t just one Valentine’s Day a year

Valentine’s Day is not only February 14, but now we have up to 3 Valentine’s days in a year, including Red Valentine (February 14), White Valentine (March 14), and Black Valentine (April 14).

Red Valentine (February 14): The day of Lovers

Red Valentine is a traditional Valentine’s Day widely celebrated in many countries, a day that all lovers around the world look forward to – February 14.

Red Valentine is an opportunity for lovers to express their feelings to their other half. On this day, people give each other chocolate, red roses and cards filled with love…

The story goes that, once upon a time, in Rome, there was a tyrannical and cruel emperor who believed that married men would become weaker and unable to become good soldiers. Therefore, he issued a decree banning marriage to ensure the quality of soldiers. At that time, those who wanted to come together felt helpless because the barrier was too big.

The ban was truly a big shock to the Roman people. But they did not dare to speak out against this powerful empire. At that time, a bishop named Valentine realized the injustice of the ban. He felt the pain of young people in love, who hoped for love and a warm home.

That’s why he secretly planned to oppose this ban. Any couple who wants to consider getting married goes to see Bishop Valentine, who will preside over the secret wedding ceremony for the young couple. Just like that, he has performed many weddings for many couples over a long time.

But unfortunately, on February 14, 273 – the day he was executed, it was also the time when couples could live their lives together forever. From then on, every year on February 14, people here call it Valentine’s Day or Saint Valentine’s Day, and Bishop Valentine is considered the saint of human love.

Some places believe that Valentine’s Day is the day girls express their love by giving the guy they secretly love a gift. If that guy also loves her, he will give the girl a gift on March 14 – a White Valentine.

White Valentine (March 14) – A day for boys to respond to their girlfriends’ feelings

Unlike Red Valentine, which originated in Rome, White Valentine’s Day originated from the “Land of Cherry Blossoms” – Japan.

If Valentine’s Day in Japan is for guys, then White Valentine’s Day or White Day is for girls. This is an opportunity for guys who received gifts on Valentine’s Day to repay the love of the girls who gave them gifts.

White Valentine’s Day in Japan was born as follows: In 1965 in Japan, a man selling marshmallows wanted to reciprocate the feelings of a girl who secretly had a crush on him on Red Valentine’s Day, so he gave her a box of candy. huge, white as snow. That is also the legend of White Day.

To this day, White Day is gradually being “transformed” into White Valentine, White Day, and Response Day. On this day, there is nothing more meaningful than responding to the girl who has loved you all this time with touching, cute, and sincere gifts or words.

White Valentine is a day when girls want to receive a gift in return to affirm the feelings of the guy they love. On this day, in Japan, boys give girls white candy or chocolate. In the world, boys will find ways to confess their feelings to satisfy the expectations and affection of girls.

valentine's day
How many Valentine's day

Black Valentine (April 14) – A day for lonely people

Black is a color that often reminds us of bad thoughts because this color carries mystery and gloom. But in the “Land of Kim Chi,” an extremely special Black Valentine’s Day occurs on April 14 every year.

If the other two holidays are days for love between couples, then Black Valentine’s Day is for single young people who will gather together to hold parties to “reward” themselves as well as create opportunities for each other. self.

Suggestion for Valentine’s gift

Always Together Valentine’s Day Gift Couples Shirts

” Always Together”, a Couple shirt for lovers.

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Always Together Valentine’s Day Gift Couples Shirts
Heart Coffee Mug, Cute Valentines Day Mug, Love You Mug

Heart Coffee Mug, Cute Valentines Day Mug, Love You Mug

Valentine gift ideas, Heart Coffee personality mug for Sweetheart.


Beauty spa treatment

Beauty care is always a regular need of all women. A beauty spa treatment with treatments and relaxing herbal shampoo services is a lovely gift, helping the recipient feel loved and cared for.

Valentine’s card

A Valentine’s card is the perfect way to celebrate a long-distance relationship, helping you and your partner remind you of your special day without going overboard or spending too much. If you want to create a special gift, designing your own handmade Valentine’s card is the best way.

You can add a handwritten message to send your love and affection. Remember that this gift will make your loved one feel loved and show you care.


Hopefully, this article by Koolteee share about special messages on Valentine’s Day will help you better understand Valentine’s Day as well as find suitable gifts to give to your loved ones on this special occasion. Wishing you a warm and happy Valentine’s Day.