12 Fashion Tips To Help You Find Your Own Style

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In today’s fast-paced world, young people tend to follow latest trends and forget to find their own style. For us, we believe it’s way more than just a fashion choice when it comes to picking out our style. To look more stylish, isn’t just about keeping up with fashion magazines or mimicking influencers. It’s like we are on this journey to show on the outside who we really are inside. So how can we make this possible? Join Koolteee as we explore some top fashion tips to unlock our style potential together.

Fashion Tip 1: Clean and reorganize your closet

First of all, one of our best fashion tips for you is to clean up and reorganize your beloved wardrobe. It is a common fact that your closet always seems full, yet you have the “I have nothing to wear” mood strikes. Trust us, we have been there. One of the main reasons for this dilemma that many people have is their habit of holding onto items that don’t fit their body size. Some might see it as motivation to lose weight, but realistically, not many of us can manage that. Moreover, if you keep an item for too long without touching it, it risks fabric damage, fading, or simply no longer aligning with your style.

That’s why don’t be hesitate to get things done. Put items that no longer suit you in a box, then give them to friends or relatives or donate to charity. If the item is still usable. The most important thing is to never keep outfits that make you feel uncomfortable when wearing them, because you will look the most beautiful and confident when you really feel comfortable in your own outfits.

Fashion Tip 2: Avoid purchasing items that you are temporarily interested

Many people tend to believe that for some special occasions like weddings, friend gatherings, class reunions, and so on, they should wear new clothes or at least pick something they have never worn before. This often results in buying items that can only be used once in an event and cannot be used again, or they are just simply bored you once after use. It might leads to a crowded, messy wardrobe and most importantly, unnecessary spending. So here’s a style advice: if you’ve got extra cash and ready to try something just for a particular event, go ahead, but make a mindful decision before splurging.

Instead of doing that, you can try to have a few basic items for more flexibility in dressing. If you choose simple and classic outfits to stay on trend, you will be able to wear them over and over again without fear of going out of style.

Fashion Tip 3: Buy clothes that suits you

This is one of the most important personal style tips. Along with keeping things that don’t fit, many of us keep items that we know don’t suit us. We often buy something on a whim because it’s trendy or we see other people wearing it and think they look great, but because it doesn’t suit us, we never actually take it out of the cabinet. If an outfit doesn’t make you feel confident and comfortable, then it has no place in your life.

Fashion Tip 4: Avoid shopping extravagantly

We often get stuck in a style rut, feeling like we hate everything in our wardrobe and have nothing to wear. When this happens more often, we end up shopping a lot and end up spending huge amounts of money on trend-leading items, which end up staying in our wardrobe forever.

Instead, notice the items you love and make a note of what you’re missing. Allow yourself to buy something really nice every once in a while, and only open your wallet when you really need it, and make sure you can use it multiple times in different outfits.

Fashion Tip 5: Do not buy items only because they are on sale

It’s easy to be persuaded by a big discount deal, and you want to make the most of the promotions you have, without actually needing the item. Never buy something just because it’s on sale. No matter how affordable it is, it’s just a waste and pointless if you never wear it.

Fashion Tip 6: Know your wardrobe

It sounds obvious, but it’s easy to forget what’s in our closets. So before you go ahead and buy something new, make sure you have a very clear idea of what’s already in your wardrobe. If you clean and organize, you’ll know what’s in there, and this will keep you from accidentally buying things you don’t need.

Fashion Tip 7: Create your own color

A big misconception about style is that you shouldn’t buy something similar to something you already own. Of course, no one wants to have a boring wardrobe consisting of 10 white plain shirts or identical pairs of skinny jeans. However, you can choose items with different shades and tones in the same color range or color group to make mix and match easier.

Playing with color is a great way to showcase your uniqueness. Don’t be afraid of experimenting with new colors and stepping out of your comfort zone. This strategy may help you develop a signature style. Adding splashes of unexpected colors can liven up your outfit and give your style a fresh perspective. If you’re not sure where to start, look up a color wheel for complementary colors.

12 Fashion Tips To Help You Find Your Own Style

Fashion Tip 8: Learn about new fashion brands

One of the reasons we get stuck in style is that we get attached and feel comfortable with certain brands. If you cannot pay large sums of money for branded items, look for small brands and local brands with good quality. This helps you own the item you like while still saving a decent amount of money.

Additionally, you can seek advice from a fashionable friend or family member. They can offer fresh perspectives and introduce you to brands or styles you might not have considered. Sometimes a fresh pair of eyes can help you see new possibilities in your style journey.

Fashion Tip 9: Experiment with trends

Try out new trends. But remember: not every trend is going to suit your style. You can pick and choose what really suits you. If you see oversized blazers are in vogue and you love how they look on others, you can search for it on a store to give it a try. But if you put it on and it just doesn’t feel “you,” there’s no point wearing it. It is important to ask yourself if it would make you feel authentic or see yourself wearing it with confidence. Keep in mind that fashion is a way to express your personality, so it should always feel comfortable and stylish.

Fashion Tip 10: Take chances on rental fashion

Renting instead of buying new clothes is also a option to be considered. You will feel like you’re wearing something new, which is great for special occasions such as weddings or parties. Another advantage is that you can be a little more adventurous with what you try – which can bring out of your comfort zone and experience a variety of styles without spending too much money.

Fashion Tip 11: Mix up your fashion game

Learn the “mix and match” art. This has many benefits to being stylish, such as helping to promote creativity, express individuality, keep style fresh and expand the versatility of your wardrobe without buying new items constantly. Here’s our little advice:

  • Start with your basic: Pick out your fashion anchors. Now, grab something totally different, like a funky accessory or a bold patterned shirt. It’s all about one standout item that shakes things up.
  • Mixing textures: Pair smooth silk with rough denim, or cozy wool with sleek leather. It adds depth to your outfit. And don’t shy away from colors. If you usually stick to neutrals, throw in a pop of bright color for a bit of fun.
  • Outfit balance: If you’re wearing a loose top, go for fitted pants, and vice versa. It keeps things looking polished.

Fashion Tip 12: Be confident

You know how you’ve been experimenting with mixing different styles? Keep doing it! The secret sauce to pulling off any look is confidence. When you wear something with genuine self-assurance, it shows, and that’s what makes an outfit truly stand out. Style is not only about clothes but also how you carry them. Your attitude can transform any outfit from normal to absolutely stunning look.

Your style is a reflection of you no matter what others think of you. Be proud of it and rock it with confidence!

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Trust your inner strength, even when others doubt. Wear confidence proudly!


Finding your personal style is a journey of self-expression and creativity. By understanding your body shape, experimenting with trends, mixing fashion styles, and wearing your choices with confidence, you can develop a unique and personal look. Fashion is a reflection of your personality and individuality. Try visiting Koolteee to find the most trending or personalized items that also work for you. We hope this blog will give you some helpful ideas on your fashion journey!