Best swimsuit & 5 great benefits of swimming in the morning

Best swimsuit

Swimming is an activity that can help the body maintain health, keep fit, and improve spirit. However, not everyone knows the benefits that morning bathing brings. Let’s join Koolteee to immediately find out the 5 great benefits of swimming in the morning and the best swimsuit through the article below!

Best swimsuit
Best swimsuit & 5 great benefits of swimming in the morning

5 great benefits of swimming in the morning

Reduce stress

Morning is approx cool time and swimming in the sea in the morning will bring wonderful experiences. In addition, swimming in the sea in the morning also brings many benefits to health and spirit.

Ocean waves play a role in massaging the whole body, helping to improve blood circulation, and creating stability for the body’s heartbeat. In addition, ocean waves also have the ability to help the body Promote red blood cell production, improve health, and feel more refreshed.

Good for people with ear, nose, and throat diseases

Swimming in the sea brings many health benefits, especially from 5 – 9 am when the sand temperature fluctuates around 25 – 35 degrees Celsius. When swimming, Exposing your body to sand for about 15 – 20 minutes will help stimulate skin cells, increase metabolism, and improve the nervous and cardiovascular systems.

According to René Quinto – a French biologist, discovered that seawater contains a number of important nutrients, similar to blood plasma in the body. Today, this nutrient has been refined into drinks and sprays to help protect the immune system and treat diseases of the ear, nose, and throat.

Cleans the lungs

Sea salt contains many types of minerals and trace elements, including iodine, time, magic, calcium, and sodium, which help Balance water and electrolytes in the body as well as provide energy and regenerate cells. Sea salt can penetrate the body through the skin in small amounts, helping to Restore and improve health when swimming.

Furthermore, when you breathe in the sea air, you will inhale millions of microscopic drops of negative ions, a type of negatively charged molecule that has the effect of clearing the lungs and reducing symptoms of asthma. Negative ions in sea air can also help balance electrical charges in the body, reduce stress, and improve mood.

Enhance blood circulation

The circulatory system in the human body includes blood, blood vessels, and lymph. Morning swimming is possible Helps blood circulate more easily thanks to the movement of ocean waves and minerals in seawater.

Additionally, ocean climates are often less polluted than urban areas, so the air is fresher. Sodium chloride salt in the air in coastal areas may also have health benefits, helping stimulate digestion and improving the body’s immune system.

Helps the body stay healthy and firm

Morning exercise is a good habit that helps improve health and keep in shape. Swimming in the morning is a great sports activity, it not only helps maintain health and improve body shape but also enhances cardiovascular health and respiratory system.

Besides, when swimming in the sea, your body will take more energy to swim and burn more rapidly. In addition, iodine is a mineral abundant in seawater, which helps burn fat and lose weight.

Reasons to rinse with water immediately after swimming

Sea water has many health benefits, but it also contains bacteria and substances that are harmful to the skin.

Swimming in the sea has health benefits such as reducing stress, relaxing muscles, and promoting deep sleep. However, this activity also has side effects, especially related to the skin.

According to research published in the journal ScienceDirect, the likelihood of skin infections increases after swimming in the sea. Cleansing your skin immediately after participating in recreational marine activities can help reduce this risk.

Here are the reasons to clean your body after taking a dip in the ocean:

Antibiotic resistance

The skin is the largest organ in the human body that protects against foreign factors such as pathogens, radiation, and some other pollutants. Swimming in the ocean helps remove normal bacteria from the skin, but at the same time deposits diverse ocean bacteria on the skin, leading to antibiotic resistance genes.

Sediment of waste

Along with harmful bacteria, there is also a lot of dirt in the ocean excreted by wastewater and aquatic life. These wastes remain on the skin after you take a dip in the ocean and can spread and cause infection if left for a long time.

Risk of serious illness

Many places around the world have recorded people swimming in the sea having to be hospitalized a few days later. The main cause is rare bacterial plantar fasciitis, also known as flesh-eating disease. Bacteria enter the body through cuts or open wounds in the skin, affecting the blood, and leading to severe tissue damage and conditions such as organ failure.

How to swim safely

Check water quality, do not go into the sea when you see signs of pollution. Always use sunscreen when swimming to protect your skin to a certain extent. Avoid swimming if you have a cut or wound on your skin.

In addition, when going swimming, you need to pay attention to some points to ensure your health. You should only go into the water when the temperature is above 20 degrees Celsius, and avoid swimming too early, too dark, or when the sun is too intense.

Best swimsuit 2

You need to warm up before going into the water to warm up your body (especially your neck, arms, and legs) and avoid cramps. Do not go into the water when you are tired, sweaty, full, or hungry. When you feel tired, have a headache, or have goosebumps due to cold water, you should go ashore.

How to shower after swimming in the ocean

The most important thing after a dip in the sea is to wash your skin. Bathe with regular tap water, combined with soap and shower gel. You do not need to rub your skin vigorously because it can irritate the skin, making it more susceptible to infection.

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Above are shared about 5 benefits of swimming in the sea every morning and some of the best swimsuit ideas. Koolteee hopes the above article will provide a lot of useful information to help you maintain a healthy and supple body.