Brock Purdy ‘s Bravery Demonstrated Something

Brock Purdy 49ers top Packers in thriller, head to NFC Championship Game
NFL quarterback Brock Purdy plays for the San Francisco 49ers. He was Mr. Irrelevant in 2022 when the 49ers selected him with the final pick in the NFL Draft from Iowa State.

1. Brock Purdy passes in Saturday’s first half against the Packers

HOUSTON, Texas — San Francisco 49ers quarterback Brock Purdy sprinted off the stage and collided with tight end George Kittle during his postgame news conference, during which he provided a calm and collected assessment of his shortcomings.

“You’re so good at those,” Kittle said, grinning, seemingly teasing.

“Love you,” Purdy replied, straight-faced.

Everyone wanted a piece of Purdy 49ers who was in the hallway outside, which was a crazy scene with fans and family members. All of the shouting, Sharpies, and iPhones gave the impression of being overwhelming. Purdy, on the other hand, remained as calm and collected as he had been on the field on Saturday, when the 49ers defeated the Green Bay Packers by a score of 24-21 in the NFC divisional round at Levi’s Stadium. He made a posture, bowed his head, and then said, “Thank you, sir.”

It was difficult to tell that the 24-year-old had just triumphed over one of the most difficult beginnings of his career on one of the most prestigious stages in the game in order to bring his star-studded team to the National Football Conference championship game.

2. The comeback

The fact that Brock Purdy has seldom encountered such difficulties made his return feel like a watershed moment in his career. His starting record was 19-5 with an 11.5-point average margin of victory prior to the game. Throughout his career, he was only involved in a single game-winning drive and one fourth-quarter comeback. On Saturday night, though, he was reassured by his teammates in the locker room that he can handle pressure, just like he did when facing the Packers.

Safety Tashaun Gipson warned that Pundrady will get even if given the chance. Brock Purdy’s been on a roll this whole year. For a man of thirteen, the lighting are always just right. His position as my quarterback is perfect, as I’ve expressed throughout the year.

“It’s fucking awesome, man,” left guard Aaron Banks exclaimed. “Everyone can tell if the quarterback is anxious if he walks into the huddle with a quivering voice. But he always acts with assurance, makes the calls, and makes quick decisions.
In the first quarter, Green Bay’s “6-1” defense limited San Francisco’s offense. Six Green Bay Packers defenders line up at the line of scrimmage to thwart Shanahan’s “outside zone” running strategy, which sets up the remainder of the offense. Neither the 49ers’ running game nor Purdy’s passing game were able to put enough pressure on the Packers. Additionally, the Packers were unable to punish Purdy due to their two interceptions.


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The severe rain made Brock Purdy look like he was having trouble at times. As the rain began to pour down, he removed the glove off his throwing hand. It was more difficult for him to get back on track without injured standout receiver Deebo Samuel, who is great at producing yards after the catch, and he still missed passes.

Purdy occasionally hit some lovely balls, particularly into the narrow windows in the middle. His doggedness in the face of incomplete passes paid off with three touchdown passes in the red zone, the most impressive of which came on the game-winning drive to receiver Brandon Aiyuk.

Brock Purdy maintained his self-assurance while throwing across the middle, as it is required by Shanahan’s strategy. On Saturday night, Purdy completed 13 of 39 in-breaking routes for 174 of his 252 yards, highlighting the most vulnerable portion of the field. This was Purdy’s tenth occurrence this season where he attempted a ball on an in-breaking pattern with a completion percentage of 50% or above, as reported by NFL Next Gen Stats. Beyond three, no quarterback has achieved this feat.

3. Ended up the winning Quarterback no.13 49er

At 6 minutes and 18 seconds remaining, San Francisco was down 21-17 and had the ball back at its own 31. Short, quick passes were Brock Purdy’s first moves as an orchestrator. Green Bay’s record had changed from “6-1” to “7-2” by that point, but Shanahan appeared to have seen that the coverages were centering on the middle of the field. With 3 minutes and five seconds remaining, he decided to send in a counterpunch near midfield.

“We wanted to get some out-breakers because we felt like we had leverage on cornerbacks who were just sitting,” wide receiver Chris Conley said.

Brock Purdys record 49ers quarterback is chasing history
Brock Purdys record 49ers quarterback is chasing history

The 31-year-old journeyman Conley, who had been with the practice squad for the majority of the season and was filling in for Samuel, hadn’t put in as much time in practice with Purdy. However, Purdy caught him in mid-stride on a 17-yard corner route.

“Brock just had faith in it and tossed a fantastic ball,” Conley remarked. Regardless matter which side of the field he was on, I’m grateful he was on mine. All that followed from our success in bringing the play to fruition is history.

The 49ers took the lead for good after scoring a touchdown five plays later. Brock Purdy completed six of seven passes for 48 yards to cap off the previous drive.

Purdy spoke with Fox sideline reporter Erin Andrews before sprinting off the field, donning his sweatshirt, blue jeans, and cowboy boots, and beginning his news conference. Despite his apparent pride in his resiliency, he informed her he needed to improve and be more efficient.

Brock Purdy being selected as Mr. Irrelevant was particularly notable because he had a successful college football career at Iowa State University. He was known for his leadership, production, and consistency, yet he still found himself as the final pick in the draft. This juxtaposition between his college achievements and his draft position made his story more intriguing and put a spotlight on his journey as he transitioned to the NFL.

His story serves as a reminder that success in professional sports can come from any draft position, and the label of “Mr. Irrelevant” can sometimes be the beginning of a noteworthy and inspiring career.