Texas Takes a Stand: The Battle Over Texas Razor Wire at the US Mexico Border

Texas Razor Wire
Recently, the set up of Texas razor wire fences along US Mexico Border has caused endless debates. The subject of immigration and border-related issues is often a hot-button political issue in Texas. It has revealed a complex set of obstacles and perspectives, regarding how to address policy changes, law enforcement and changing trends in migration.

The Use of Texas Razor Wire along US Mexico border

The Mexican border is located along the southern edge of the United States, stretching from California to Texas. On January 23, members of the Texas National Guard set up razor wire fence at the US Mexico border to prevent illegal immigrants. A joint statement endorsing Texas Governor Greg Abbott and the state’s “Constitutional right to self-defense” was signed by 25 Republican governors on January 25.

Tensions between the federal government and Texas continue after US President Joe Biden’s administration received support from the Supreme Court with a 5-4 ratio. The court’s ruling requires Texas to allow Biden to remove barbed wire fences along the US Mexico border area.

This decision angered Republicans. Texas Governor Greg Abbott affirmed that the state will still maintain necessary measures to combat illegal immigration. He said about the use of border fences: “Texas has the right to self-defense under the Constitution and the state has acted based on that authority, as well as based on state laws to ensure border security.”

Texas Takes a Stand: The Battle Over Texas Razor Wire at the US-Mexico Border
Texas Takes a Stand: The Battle Over Texas Razor Wire at the US Mexico Border

The Lone Star Campaign

In recent years, The Texas Governor Greg Abbott has strengthened measures to prevent migrants from entering the US illegally. He crossed federal legal boundaries when acting on his own along Texas’s border with Mexico. As part of his “Lone Star campaign”, razor wire was installed by the Texas National Guard along the Rio Grande River, near the Texas border city of Eagle Pass, to prevent illegal immigration from Mexico.

The Lone Star campaign is believed to limit irregular migration and smuggling along the state’s southern border. It includes increased surveillance, arrests and deployment of the National Guard. While some argue that the program is necessary to protect the state’s borders and enforce immigration laws, others believe it is a misguided and harmful approach that goes against the values of compassion and human rights. That is why the U.S Border Patrol cut them off because they thought their work was being hindered.

Most people from Texas have that kind of unique and strong sense of pride called “Lone Star Pride”, which is about being proud of being different or unique. Texans often show off their pride through things like flying the Texas state flag, wearing traditional cowboy boots and hats, and expressing a tough, no-nonsense attitude often summed up by the phrase “don’t mess with Texas.” This phrase and these actions all reflect a kind of bold and defiant pride in being Texan.

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The border battle between Texas and Federal authorities

Dan Patrick, Lieutenant Governor of Texas, said Texas does not want to confront President Joe Biden’s administration. However, when asked if the situation could escalate into a “civil war,” Mr. Patrick emphasized that Texas has constitutional authority, as they have their own rights to protect their states and citizens.

Republican governors have united with Governor Greg Abbott and the state of Texas in using every tool and strategy, including razor wire, to secure the border. They made such a claim partly because the Biden administration refuses to enforce existing immigration laws and allows mass parole for migrants in the US illegally.

The issue is Texas can put up all the barbed wire they want, but Federal Border patrol agents have the power to cut it down if their work gets in the way. In the U.S. Constitution, it is stated that properly enacted federal laws take precedence over any conflicting state laws, and states cannot hinder federal officials from performing their duties. This principle is based on the provision that federal law is the supreme law of the land and the judges in every state must adhere to it.

However, Texas is clearly taking advantage of the loophole in the Supreme Court’s ruling to continue to add more razor wire fences along the banks of the Rio Grande River. Because this ruling allows the federal government to remove barbed wire fences in Texas but does not call for Texas to take any action in the case. In other words, The Supreme Court’s order allowed for taking down old wire but have not mentioned about putting up new barriers. Texas seems to be continuing to add the fence even though the Federal Border Patrol has removed it.


The ongoing conflict in Texas over the removal of barbed wire at the US Mexico Border is a complex and evolving issue. It highlights the challenging balance between state and federal governments as well as diverse views on immigration and border security. The actions taken will not only impact the state but also contribute to the larger national dialogue on border management and immigration policy. The story of Texas razor wire remains an important chapter in a controversial story to this day.