Camping shirt & 12 most beautiful campsites in the world

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At first, everyone just went camping for the day, thinking that would be fun. But returning from camp the same day is like going on a picnic. You can’t know how, when night falls, the silence gnaws at the space. Listening to the sound of coals warms the body and the heart while wearing a nice camping shirt.

Camping shirt
Camping shirt & 12 most beautiful campsites in the world

The camping outside is safe or not?

If you camp in camping service areas, you will feel more secure when night falls and there will be a guard outside. You can rest assured to sleep well. As for those of you who like nature, go to remote areas or camp in the forest before going to the groups to find out information about the surrounding village boards and whether anyone has camped there or not. If camping in the forest, you should share the guard to sleep. The forest is deep and the water is poisonous, so be careful.

  • Split people up to guard against fire or bad weather
  • Always keep a campfire to avoid wild animals
  • Do not leave food outside to avoid attracting animals
  • Do not speak loudly in the forest, especially under an old tree (for spiritual reasons).
  • Preparing enough significant items.

If it’s a well-known location, feel free to camp and sleep well! According to my experience when going camping, a group of friends often go sleepless all night, one story follows another. By morning, everyone was limp. But still addicted to camping.

Camping shirt
Camping shirt & 12 most beautiful campsites in the world

12 most beautiful camping locations

Below are the 12 most beautiful camping locations in the world, as voted by Business Insider that everyone dreams of visiting once.

Washington, USA

According to Time For a Hike, Sahale Glacier Camp is one of the best campgrounds in the US National Park System. You can access this area by hiking through North Cascades National Park. There, you can camp next to the Sahale Glacier, amid towering mountains. It should be noted that visitors need a camping permit and due to the difficult terrain, this is not an ideal place for first-time participants. However, it is considered a paradise for camping and long-distance climbing enthusiasts, because this place is considered to have one of the most beautiful landscapes in the United States. 

Alaska, USA

Camping at Denali National Park offers a satisfying experience if you want to admire some of the most beautiful scenery in the country. It has creeks, mountains, wildlife and plants, and North America’s highest peak – Denali, located in the Alaska range.

Corcovado National Park, Costa Rica

This is a place worth visiting with beautiful waterfalls and many types of wildlife. You can also explore the rainforest, swim, and relax on the beach.

Patagonia, Chile

If you are bored with sleeping in tents and lying on the ground, Eco-camping is a perfect suggestion. EcoCamp uses curved domes but still makes visitors feel comfortable like they are outdoors. This site is located in Torres del Paine National Park and offers stunning views of the mountain peaks. 

Zakynthos, Greece

If you like camping by the beach instead of in the forest, you should look to Tartaruga Camping in what is known as the “land of the gods”. The campsite is nestled among olive trees, with perfect views of Laganas Bay. This campground is also located right near a small beach where you can swim and snorkel with sea turtles, or take a boat out to the small island of Marathonisi. 

Forest ropes course Höllschlucht, Germani

If you’re looking for a truly unique experience, head to Germany. Located in the Alps, Waldseilblank Höllschlucht lets you try tree camping. That means you have a night spent floating above the branches of high trees in the forest. From this location, visitors can enjoy views of the Pfronten mountain range on the border with Austria. 

Miyajima, Japan

This is a small island in the land of the rising sun, accessible by boat from Hiroshima. Here you can rent a cabin or tent and camp among the cypress and camphor trees. The beautiful nature here will “treat” visitors with lush green forests, peaceful beaches, and playing with domesticated deer that roam the island. Visitors can also explore the beautiful villages. Beautiful villages and temples.

Mount Cook, New Zealand

This is the highest mountain in the country, and the surrounding area has many camping spots voted the best in the country. Aorakia (Mount Cook) National Park is a UNESCO Heritage Site. There are many areas for visitors to go hiking, roam at the foot of the Tasman Glacier, or take photos with beautiful flowers.

Simien, Ethiopia

Simien Mountain National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage site and is this African country’s most popular trekking destination. This place is known for its charming landscape with many interesting wildlife species for visitors to explore such as Ethiopian wolves or rare birds. According to many tourists, there is hardly a more perfect camping location than this place.

Hossa National Park, Finland

This reserve offers beautiful landscapes and exciting activities, from hiking and cycling to canoeing and fishing. You can admire rock paintings that are thousands of years old.

Sardinia, Italy

Sardinia is the second largest island in the Mediterranean, with mountainous terrain and many beautiful beaches. When camping on the island, visitors can participate in exploring walks, swimming, and sightseeing.

Cornwall, England

For travelers who want a beautiful and unique experience, the Rivendell Glamping Pods camping site in Cornwall is the ideal choice. The tubular structures help you enjoy luxurious amenities, while still being able to admire the beautiful surrounding nature.

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Camping locations amidst majestic nature are ideal choices for tourists who like to explore. Combination with a gorgeous camping shirt that Koolteee shares with you, hoping that you will have a nice trip.