How ‘Sound of Freedom’ Earns $40M, Telling Viewers ‘God’s Children Are Not for Sale’

sound of freedom
The faith-based thriller “Sound of Freedom” scored $40 million in its debut week, solidifying its position as an unexpected summer blockbuster smash.
God s Children Are Not for Sale
Sound of Freedom

1. What ‘Sound of Freedom‘ is about?

I just wanted to write a little article to recommend the new movie Sound of Freedom. Tim Ballard, the organization’s head, is featured in the tale because of his efforts to free children from sexual servitude and bring their abusers to justice through his work with Operation Underground Railroad. The film stands on its own as an entertainment option. The pro-life cause also benefits from this.

First, I’d want to share a little narrative from the Old Testament books of 2 Samuel 11 and 12. Israel’s greatest monarch, David, had her husband killed so that he may have an affair with Bathsheba. David committed a flagrant transgression, yet he retained his sense of fairness. David was visited by the prophet Nathan, who sent him a parable of a wealthy man who, rather than serving his own prized lamb to a visiting stranger, chose to share his neighbor’s prized lamb with the guy.

Fury flared in David’s heart, and he proclaimed, “As the LORD lives, the man who has done this deserves to die… because he did this thing, and because he had no pity.” (2 Sam 12:6). In response, Nathan exclaims, “You are the man!” And the eyes of David were enlightened. Hearing about the sin of another person woke him up to his own.

2. ‘Sound of Freedom‘ based on true story

Sound of Freedom, like many films based on actual tales, embellishes the truth a little bit. But it’s not a lot. Ballard took great effort to authentically convey not just his tale but also the nature and magnitude of the injustice. There is no gore, but the scenes are bleak. When Ballard (Jim Caviezel) is asked why he wants to save the children, the film’s message becomes clear.

When asked why, he replies, “God’s children are not for sale.” Unlike a bag of cocaine, which can only be sold once, a child may be sold anywhere from five to ten times per day, for years on end, making child sex-trafficking the fastest-growing international crime network in the history of the planet.

The practice of sex trafficking must end immediately. And so must abortion, if the two are to coexist. Although there is not yet a widespread effort to put a stop to human trafficking, there is also no national ambiguity about the depravity of this practice, and no pro-choice stance on sex slavery. Most people who have used the phrase “Don’t believe in abortion, don’t have one” are too afraid to say the corresponding phrase “Don’t believe in raping children, don’t rape one.”

There are a lot of similarities between abortion and sex trafficking. Abortion is integral to the sex trafficking industry because the depraved men and some women who sell girls to be raped have no moral qualms about coercing them into having an abortion if they get pregnant. In the film, I saw that the young girls were referred to as “chickens,” which is a typical slur used to downplay guilt. In order to do anything you want to human people, you must first dehumanize them by naming them something else, such as “cockroaches” in Rwanda, “swine” in Nazi Germany, or “fetuses” in the United States. Raping a “chicken” would likely be less difficult than raping a young girl.

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3. Conclusion

It should come as no surprise that the United States is one of just a handful of countries that allows children to be killed throughout all nine months of pregnancy, is one of the top three locations for “sex tourism,” and has the highest rate of reported child rapes. Predation on other humans may be rather rewarding. Human traffickers earn a lot of money. Abortionists are professional assassins who work on contract. In addition, as David Daleiden’s 2015 undercover interviews with Planned Parenthood staff revealed, there is widespread illicit trafficking of body parts from aborted infants.

The practice of sex trafficking must be eradicated on its own merits. The urgency and wickedness of sex trafficking may, however, stir many people up to the urgency and depravity of abortion, as it did King David. Despite how normalized abortion has become in our society, many people in the United States still have a moral compass and see that God’s children are not property and should never be traded or sold.