Top 14 beach outfits to help you stand out on the beach

beach outfits

The exciting summer has come, beach trips full of laughter and brilliant beach outfits are waiting for you. However, choosing beach clothes that are both comfortable and fashionable is something that makes many people wonder. Don’t worry, this article will be a useful “handbook” to help you choose beach outfits for this vacation.


When planning a beach trip, choosing your outfit is extremely important and there’s nothing better than choosing the perfect bikini. This beach outfit is the way for you to shine on the golden sand. Not only stopping at traditional two-piece bikinis, you can also explore unique one-piece or three-piece designs, diverse in color, and style and suitable for all body types.

Green Heineken Bikini Set Swimsuit Jumpsuit Beach

Beach vacation clothes – Attractive Green Heineken design for bikini set Swimsuit.


Green Heineken Bikini Set Swimsuit Jumpsuit Beach 1
Tropical American Flag Jameson Bikini Set Swimsuit Beach 1

Tropical American Flag Jameson Bikini Set Swimsuit Beach

Beach clothes – Tropical American Flag Bikini Set for a Beach trip in the summer season.


A bikini combined with a jacket

One way to combine beach clothes with bikinis that Koolteee would like to introduce to you is a bikini and a jacket. Not only does it bring a fashionable appearance, but this jacket also helps hide insecure parts of your body, while enhancing the beauty of the bikini you are wearing. To create a harmonious and outstanding outfit, choosing the color of the kimono jacket is also extremely important.

A bikini goes with an outer shirt

To add more fashion, you should choose a plain-colored bikini, without patterns or with minimal patterns. The simplicity of the bikini will highlight the oversized shirt, creating balance and harmony in the overall beach outfit. This duo not only helps you comfortably enjoy the sunshine and sea breeze but also attracts all eyes, ensuring you will have impressive “virtual living” photos

Crochet set

One of the best beach outfits will surprise you, but the crocheted shirt is a summer fashion item that many women love. Unlike thick winter sweaters, beach cardigans have an airy design with gaps created from large squares, bringing a cool and light feeling.

Crocheted clothes are becoming one of the fashion trends that is especially loved by young people. What makes the crochet set attractive is not only its diverse colors and unique designs but also its ability to express the unique personality and personal preferences of each person wearing it.

beach vacation clothes
Top 14 beach outfits to help you stand out on the beach

Tank top with wide-leg pants

Your beach outfit will become more balanced and comfortable when combined with wide-leg pants. Wide-leg pants not only help hide the shortcomings of the legs but also create airiness and coolness on hot summer days. With this combination, you can completely freely participate in all outdoor activities without worrying about being constrained or uncomfortable.


When planning a fun day at the beach, there’s nothing better than choosing beach outfits that include a crop top or bra combined with shorts. This combination not only helps you stand out with a dynamic, youthful appearance but is also a great way to show off your slim waist and “cheat” a little more height.

Maxi dress

In particular, maxi dresses have a great variety of designs, colors, and patterns, from monochrome and delicate dresses to dresses with eye-catching prints, all giving girls brilliant and beautiful looks. This not only helps you easily find a dress that suits your personal style, but also creates an impressive highlight amidst the vast sea and sky scenery.

Bustier dress

Strapless dresses are one of the indispensable fashion items in the wardrobe of girls who love sexy and bold styles. With a tight design that emphasizes the bust, this dress not only helps you stand out at parties or outings but is also an ideal choice for beach trips.

Off shoulder dress

Off-the-shoulder dresses have emerged as a great choice for those who want to show off their sexy beauty in a subtle way. The perfect combination of stylized designs and materials such as cotton, chiffon, or ribbed wool not only gives you a fashionable look but also ensures optimal comfort on hot summer days.

In particular, the off-shoulder design helps highlight women’s soft shoulders, creating an irresistible appeal and charm. This mixture of half-hidden and half-open beauty is not only suitable for beach parties but also for many other occasions such as walking around, going out, or even important events.

Skirt two wires

The two-strap dress with a simple but no less sophisticated design is an indispensable item on every beach trip. In particular, the halter dress design also helps you make the most of the sun to get naturally and beautifully tanned skin.

Knit dress or slit dress

When thinking about beach outfits, it’s impossible not to mention knit dresses and slit dresses – seductive and feminine beach fashion items. The delicate design of the woven dress helps show off slim shoulders and smooth skin, while the slit dress brings a feeling of freedom and flight with each step on the sand.


A jumpsuit gives the wearer a confident and youthful appearance, especially when combined with accessories such as a straw hat, sunglasses or a belt to create a highlight. The spacious design not only helps you easily participate in activities but also effectively “hacks” your age, refreshing your beach fashion style, no matter what age you are.

beach vacation clothes
Top 14 beach outfits to help you stand out on the beach


Hopefully, with the information shared in this article, you will have more tips for choosing the right beach outfits for yourself. Be confident shine brightly and fully enjoy the joy of your trip! Don’t forget to follow Koolteee to gain many useful experiences for your upcoming trip.