Top Picks For The Best Halloween Party Decorations To Haunt Your Guests (Part 1)

Halloween Party Decoration

Halloween is more than costumes and candy – best Halloween party decorations are the essence. The eeriest vibes, elegant soiree, or a blend of spooky-chic, as the storyteller of your event, which narrative will you choose? Buckle up, dear reader – let’s embark on a journey in a world of décor ideas. This list promises a curation of the finest decoration ideas to make your event a story to remember.

Beetlejuice Themed Party Idea – Best Halloween Party Decorations To Haunt Your Guests 2023

First, for the entrance, you can freely choose between the Beetlejuice hammer hand scene concept (as in the image below) or an arch (made with paper lanterns or ballons) and a DIY turnstile (reminiscent of the Maitland couple from the movie).

Best Halloween Party Decorations
Top Picks For The Best Halloween Party Decorations To Haunt Your Guests (Part 1)

To assemble the turnstile, find a stand with a column mount that fits the PVC pipe. Insert a large PVC pipe into the holder and tighten the screw to stabilize it. Next, with a saw, cut PVC pipes each measuring 5 – 18″ for the central vertical pole. Also, cut PVC pipes with lengths of 16-20″, for the horizontal bars.

To make the joints that attach the PVC pipes together, start by securing the male adaptors to the electrical boxes with screws. To be detailed, attach one male adaptor into each of the side holes, totaling four adaptors. Afterward, affix male adaptors to the central aperture on both the upper and lower sections of the boxes. On the last electrical box, only attach a male adaptor to the central aperture on one side. It’s important to note that the flat side of the last box for positioned as the top of the turnstile.

Next, place the electrical box containing a single central adapter onto the surface, and insert a trimmed PVC pipe into it. Insert the PVC pipes one by one into the corresponding side openings on the electrical box. Remember to apply glue inside the adaptors and at the ends of the PVC pipes to securely connect them. The same instructions apply to other electrical boxes and connect one electrical box to another using PVC pipe.

Later, flip the turnstile over and connect the lower pipe to the one you previously fastened to the stand. Make sure the pipe attached to the stand is larger to ensure the turnstile work. To maintain the upright position of the turnstile, insert rebar down the center of the vertical PVC pipe. You might need to utilize a hammer and feel free to introduce an additional piece of rebar to enhance its stability.

Finally, make sure to attach the end caps to all the turnstile arms, covering the arms with pipe insulation. And certainly, the turnstile requires the archway to look presentable. Hence, we need the following materials: two stands with two PVC pipes set at equal heights, pool floats, and flexible PVC pipes. Cover the stands with pool noodles. For the upper section of the archway, place flexible PVC pipes inside the pool floats. Make sure to use duct tape to firmly attach each float for stability.

Walking past the turnstile adorned with an archway teeming with black-and-white balloons, an array of the best Halloween party decorations lies ahead. The wall needs to be adorned with images of characters from Beetlejuice within the picture frames. Ensure that the frames are painted green to evoke the familiar color tone associated with Beetlejuice. When attaching the pictures to the frames, it is advisable to use clear tape if you opt for DIY frames. For hanging them on the wall, choose between small nails or command hooks based on your preference.

To recreate part of the waiting room among best Halloween party decorations, prepare two sets of skeletons and dress them in suitable attire. The shrunken head guy is donning khaki cloth and the shrunken head can be purchased online. The dead diver must be displayed with an inflatable shark clamped onto his arm, while sporting blue swim trunks.

Then it’s time to consider the best animatronic halloween props and search for the best place to buy halloween props. A Beetlejuice magician’s assistant sawed in half lying on the couch alongside him is a fun addition.

Or invest in hologram illusions to demonstrate the best Halloween party decorations. The sudden appearance of the Maitland couple is sure to terrify your guests. Start by stretching out a piece of tulle or translucent mesh and hanging it where you want the hologram to appear. You only need to carefully pick the material for this excellent concept of the best Halloween party decorations. It is recommended to bring a flashlight to the store with you to test it out. Just by flashing the light through the material and observing if it keeps the sharpness of the beam. Make sure to avoid the hazy blob of light and stretch the fabric taut for a level surface.

Moving to the buffet table area, don’t forget to let your creativity spark and create the best Halloween party decorations. First, get two candlesticks and two black-white striped candle holders ready. Hot glue two candlesticks together, then use flat painter primer to cover them in black. If you want to give them a more classical Halloween spooky feel, use white chalk paint to create a dusty effect on all sides. For the final look, use glue to attach the candle holders onto the sticks and the miniature imitation eyeballs, skulls, and bats to whatever surface you see suitable.  

On the journey of designing the best Halloween party decorations, continue to add a black bowl with a spider web pattern containing googly eyes chocolate, and some little faux fingers. Next, set up the dish of Zagnut candy bars and a fake pale hand grasping one. The inspiration for this concept is the scene in which Beetlejuice raises his hand out of the “grass” and lures a beetle with the candy bar.

For a dessert that stands out among the best Halloween party decorations, make an instant vanilla or chocolate pudding base, then top with shaved Oreos. Spreading sweets gummy worms across the surface is the final step to complete the effect.

sweets gummy worms
Top Picks For The Best Halloween Party Decorations To Haunt Your Guests (Part 1)

Without offering shrimp cocktails, the best Halloween party decorations with a Beetlejuice theme will be underrated .Boil or steam raw shrimp for them to ripe. you can remove the shells from the shrimp (leave the tail on). The receipe to make the important cocktail sauce is mix together 1 cup ketchup, 2 Tablespoons horseradish, about 2 Tablespoons lemon juice, 1/2 teaspoon Worcestershire sauce and a dash Tabasco sauce.You can adjust the amount of horseradish you add based on your preference. Feel free to mix-match some more of the other ingredients to change it up.  

Consider hanging the iconic Beetlejuice marquee sign on the wall above the table. Cut the sign’s shape out of insulating foam and install patio lights around the edge. Use duct tape to stabilize the cables on the back. Remember to cut strips of red poster board for the raised borders and use the decal to cut your favorite phrase, “Betelgeuse”. The sign is ready to perform after being screwed to the wall.  

If you notice, a Halloween-y vibe doesn’t seem to be present on the ceiling. So it’s a terrific idea to hang ghosts and white-black balloons. Start by covering large white balloons with white cheesecloth. Afterward, use a black pen to draw eerie black eyes on the cheesecloth. Choose between fishing line or screw hooks to suspend the ghosts.

On the ground decorate some striped pumpkins, painting alternately white and black on each ridge or section of the pumpkins. Additionally, be sure to print out the hilariously creepy Beetlejuice Bathroom sign to showcase the meticulous attention to detail in every aspect of the event.

If you find yourself unsure about what to wear after setting up the best Halloween party decorations or if your guests happen to wear the wrong dress code, the T-shirt below will surely come to your rescue just in time!

Beetlejuice Halloween Horror T-Shirt redesigned the Starbuck logo with an image of Beetlejuice that reflects the wearer’s imaginative and humorous aspect.

Beetlejuice Halloween Horror T Shirt 1
Beetlejuice 1988 Vintage T Shirt 2 768x768 1

Beetlejuice 1988 Vintage T-Shirt inspired by the movie poster “Beetlejuice” in 1988 which portrays the main characters of Beetlejuice in a large size alongside other characters in the smaller size.


Koolteee hopes that die-hard fans of the film can utilize our given idea to craft an unforgettable visual spectacle for the best Halloween party decorations. Never trust the living, but be appreciative for placing trust in us!