6 memorable birthday celebration ideas for company employees

birthday celebration

Birthday celebration parties for employees have become the culture of many companies. A small or simple birthday party for colleagues, with just sincere wishes, can create beautiful memories with birthday celebration ideas as well as increase employees’ affection and attachment to the company. Right now, let’s join Koolteee to learn six ways to organize a surprise and memorable birthday celebration party for your colleagues!

birthday celebration
6 memorable birthday celebration ideas for company employees

6 birthday celebration ideas for employees

1. Make a happy birthday video

Deadlines or invisible pressures at work sometimes make us rush forward and accidentally forget the beautiful memories of the past. How happy it will be when your image during teambuilding sessions, achievement rewards, or simply moments of focused work suddenly becomes a movie released on your birthday.

2. Decorate your desk to celebrate her/his birthday

There are many ways to show your employees how much you care on their birthday, and decorating their desks is one of them. Imagine how surprised the “main character” would be when he saw that his workplace was a bit messy the previous afternoon but this morning it was neat and beautiful.

What you need is some fresh flowers and some pretty small souvenirs. You can also use interesting photos of the “main character” and pin them on a small board as decoration.

3. Mysterious gift box

A memorable birthday cannot lack special gifts. However, if you just give gifts the usual way, it’s boring. Instead, you can turn this gift-giving activity into a small game to test the “main character’s” judgment.

You just need to put all of everyone’s gifts in a large box and put a few things in there such as foam beads, and scraps of paper, or use multi-layered boxes. Then, the “main character” will put his hand into the box or open each layer of the gift box and then name each item in it in turn. Curiosity and excitement are the factors that create a surprise for the “main character”.

birthday celebration
6 memorable birthday celebration ideas for company employees

4. Special cake

At bakeries, there are always lovely birthday cakes available. However, for a cake to become a memorable birthday gift, you should come up with birthday celebration ideas to make it look different and bear the “imprint” of the recipient.

5. Surprise themself with a handwritten birthday card

As social networks develop and texting to wish happy birthday becomes more and more popular, people appreciate handwritten cards even more. People gradually like the simplicity of handwritten wishes on a lovely card.

Birthday cards make the recipient feel appreciated because the giver took the time to choose a lovely card and write sincere and meaningful wishes on this special occasion.

6. Organize travel

This is an opportunity for the collective to show solidarity, colleagues have time to understand each other better, solve problems, and above all participate in group fun activities to bring hours of relaxation and fun. has high educational significance.

Top birthday gifts for colleagues in special birthday celebration

Souvenir photo for desk

If you and your colleagues like to take selfies and have many fun photos taken together, you can choose a souvenir photo and a simple photo frame for your desk as a meaningful birthday gift as well as to mention memories of working together.


This is also one of the birthday gifts for colleagues that you can buy. A wristwatch is a practical, useful item that will help remind us of the times to organize our schedules and time at work to be highly effective.


One bracelet It will be a meaningful gift for you to send to your colleague at his surprise birthday party. Giving a silver bracelet contains sincere feelings along with wishes of good luck and good wishes to your colleague.

Personality Mug

The next item that you can use as a meaningful birthday gift for your male colleague is a drinking cup. This is a useful item, used regularly every day so that the colleague can use it to drink water or make coffee during breaks after work.

Meet Me At Midnight Swiftie Fan Gifts Taylor Coffee Mugs

The classic design of Taylor Coffee Mugs for a colleague who loves Taylor Swift.


Meet Me At Midnight Swiftie Fan Gifts Taylor Coffee Mugs 1
ITYSL Egg Game Skit Mug (1)

ITYSL Egg Game Skit Mug

Best birthday celebration with a surprising gift.


Desk calendar

With a variety of designs and convenient date viewing, desk calendars are always on the list of office gifts worth considering. Thanks to this gift, your colleagues can easily follow their schedule, as well as decorate their work corners with inspiration. Accordingly, you should choose a desk calendar with a style, color, and image that matches your colleagues’ preferences.

Desk Clocks

Desk clocks are not only used to track hours to ensure work progress but also are decorative items that express each person’s style. This is a gift to help your colleagues manage time, maintain concentration, as well as decorate the workspace more impressively.


With a variety of designs and designs, notebooks are always on the list of gifts for colleagues on their birthdays that you can consider. Thanks to this gift, your colleagues can remember important milestones and events to avoid missing meaningful appointments or occasions.

U-shaped neck pillow

An office working environment where having to look at a computer screen for a long time will make you tired, so a U-shaped neck pillow will be a great suggestion when you don’t know what birthday gift to give. for colleagues. Currently, U-shaped pillows are being sold a lot on the market, with a variety of colors and designs so you can easily choose a suitable gift.


Through sharing ideas for surprise birthday celebration ideas for colleagues as well as birthday gifts, we hope that you can find the most satisfactory and appropriate gift for your colleague.