Camping shirt & 8 Useful Overnight Camping Experiences

Camping shirt

Camping is gradually becoming an option for all families and young people on weekends. Initially, it’s day camping trips with a gorgeous camping shirt, but after getting into camping, you will want to go camping overnight. How is camping overnight different from camping during the day? Do I need to prepare anything for night camping? Then you will have the answer in this article.

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Camping shirt & 8 Useful Overnight Camping Experiences

What should I bring when camping overnight?

If you go camping overnight, you will have to prepare more things than if you camp during the day. Koolteee has an article about the necessary items when going camping. It only takes 5 minutes to comfortably go camping.

1. Choose a waterproof 2-layer tent

Because sleeping overnight, taking a tent could be sturdy and resistant to natural wind and rain. It also makes you feel more secure on your camping trip. There are many different prices on the market, so you should pay attention to buying or renting a quality tent. A small tip for you is that your tent should be larger than the number of people traveling because it’s normal to have a lot of night camping furniture.

2. Sleeping bag or air mattress

When camping overnight, of course, you need something to sleep on. Especially camping families with women and children are in great need. If many people are going, you should choose an air mattress, a sleeping bag Only one person can sleep. But you also have to consider if there is anyone in your family who cannot sleep on an air mattress like you.

And when buying an air mattress, keep in mind that it has a self-swimming valve. If you often need an electric bath, you should buy a mattress with a self-swimming valve. Sleeping bags are suitable for trekkers who need to be compact and lightweight.

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Camping shirt & 8 Useful Overnight Camping Experiences

3. Accumulated battery

Very few campsites have electricity to use, and when camping in remote places there is no service battery tank very necessary. In addition to generating light, it can also charge your phone and use it for other daily needs. 

4. Prepare food for camping

After sleeping and resting, let’s come over and eat! Because you camp overnight, you should bring more food than when camping during the day. Remember to bring just enough, not too much-causing waste. In addition, you can see the list of foods to bring camping to make it easier to prepare.

A small tip: you should bring plenty of drinking water, along with essential Instant noodles. It sounds strange but it’s true. When you wake up in the morning, you don’t need any seafood, just a bowl of noodles and sitting in the morning dew is enough.

5. Prepare extra clothes

Camp overnight when the temperature drops to prevent colds. You can bring a thin windbreaker that can block the wind and is rainproof. Especially useful in winter. If you camp in the Northwest, the temperature sometimes drops to minus and there is snow. Snow is nice, but no one can stand the cold. If you have children with you, pay attention to keeping them warm.

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6. Flashlights, lights

When night falls, lighting is essential. We cannot grope around eating in the dark. You can arrange one electric lamp safe for young children. If not, you can choose a traditional oil lamp, which is a bit dangerous but brings a very chill feeling. Looking at the slightly antique lamp, I feel very comfortable.

7. Grill and kitchen utensils

When it comes to night camping, there must be a BBQ. It feels so cool to eat grilled meat. Not as luxurious or clean as the restaurant but very fun. From time to time I still remember the smell of grilling meat on camping days. You can choose from many different stove models depending on your needs and the number of people camping. Camping pot sets should use ones that can be folded together and are easy to clean.

8. Insect repellent

If you use sunscreen during the day, using insect repellent is also necessary. Not only for night camping but also for any outdoor activity, you need to use it. Of course, insects are more active at night, so it’s a must. Do not try to endure it, because insects in natural forests are very poisonous and cause serious skin irritation.

9. Medical medicine box

Many people subjectively do not bring this medical box with them. It says it’s a medical medicine box, but it only needs some fever-reducing, pain-relieving, and digestive medicine along with bandages and physiological saline. You can extract it into a small box to carry away, which is also compact. No one wants themselves or their loved ones to get injured, but it’s still better to take precautions.

In the wild, you can also encounter snakes. If you are bitten by a snake, don’t panic. You need more first aid knowledge when bitten by a snake, read more carefully to protect yourself and your family!

10. Blankets for winter, fans for summer

In winter, when the temperature drops, you need an extra sleeping pad thin blanket or thick depending on the region. Camping overnight in the summer is too frustrating. Especially for young children, it will be difficult to sleep and cry, because it is inherently hotter in the tent than outside. So you can buy a fan, preferably an electric fan Run continuously for 6-10 hours or more.


Sharing from Koolteee of those who love camping, hope your trip will be the best one.