Best choice for Lunar New Year gifts for your family in 2024

Lunar New Year gifts

Many people consider Lunar New Year gifts for the family as glue because they help bond family relationships and add to the bustling atmosphere during New Year’s days. But to be able to see the benefits of Lunar New Year gifts for the family, we need to pay attention to a few important details, especially the group buying Lunar New Year gifts for grandparents.

Lunar New Year gifts
Best choice for Lunar New Year gifts for your family in 2024

1. Meaning of Lunar New Year gifts for family

Lunar New Year gift for family Not only does it help us express our care and affection for our loved ones, but it is also an important tradition in Vietnamese culture on important holidays.

Therefore, Lunar New Year gifts for adults in the family such as grandparents, parents, aunts, uncles, etc. are considered beautiful actions, imbued with the cultural beauty of filial piety and repaying others’ gratitude. has the merit of nurturing us.

In particular, choosing to buy Lunar New Year presents for grandparents and parents can create memorable memories and strengthen the bond between generations. Lunar New Year gifts are not only items but also symbols of solidarity and happiness in the family.

If you are about to become a new member of a certain family (about to get married), giving Lunar New Year gifts to your boyfriend or girlfriend’s family will help you score many impressive points with the elders. thereby helping them feel more secure about you when preparing to enter their family.

2. Top Lunar New Year gift ideas for families in 2024

After understanding the special meanings of giving Lunar New Year gifts to family, here are some extremely interesting suggestions from Mazeshirt about the most suitable products to wrap as gifts for family and friends. your relatives.

Healthcare product

If you are worried about buying Lunar New Year gifts for your grandparents, healthcare products are considered the most ideal suggestions for this target group. Healthcare support products will help them become healthier, control their physical health, and effectively prevent some difficult-to-treat diseases.

The easiest examples of foods that support the health care of the elderly are bird’s nest, ginseng, abalone,… or health control products such as blood pressure monitors, treadmills, exercise bikes, and special full-body massage chairs.

Because these are products that are not picky about users, you can choose to give Lunar New Year gifts to your girlfriend’s family, helping to score more impressive points for the elderly on these special days.

Ornamental plants decorated for the Lunar New Year

The most practical Lunar New Year gift for paternal and maternal families is a decorative bonsai during Tet. This gift will help the recipient feel excited because there is another beautiful item to decorate the house.

Clothes and accessories included

In addition to valuable health gifts, you can give your family members quality clothing designs and accessories. This gift is meaningful, practical, and highly applicable.

Furthermore, folk beliefs also say that wearing new clothes on the first day of the new year will bring good luck. Therefore, you can consider your loved one’s preferences, style, and clothing size to buy this gift for everyone in the family.

Personality mug

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Household items

For those who love housework, giving them Lunar New Year gifts of kitchen appliances or smart technology appliances in the house will bring them great excitement.

This gift also has practical meaning because it helps improve quality of life and is easy to apply. Depending on our financial conditions, we can consider which items to buy. It could be a TV, air conditioner, washing machine, vacuum cleaner… And if you need a gift for your in-laws, this is also a suggestion you can refer to.

Box of tea or coffee

Tea will be a suitable gift to give to older people such as grandparents, aunts, and uncles. Not only showing concern but also affection between juniors and adults, very suitable for the first day of spring.

Furthermore, elderly people have the habit of drinking tea and coffee every morning, so giving grandparents a box of high-quality tea or coffee as Lunar New Year gifts will be very suitable.

lunar new year gifts
Best choice for Lunar New Year gifts for your family in 2024

Red wine

A New Year holiday is complete without wishing each other a few glasses of wine, isn’t it? The gift recipient will be happy if they receive a bottle of red wine. The red color of wine is like a wish of good luck and wishes.

Not only has profound meaning. Wine also has one luxurious and sophisticated look, compact so this will be the perfect choice for Chinese New Years gifts.

Homeland specialties

Giving away hometown specialties always has a profound meaning. A gift from your homeland, although simple, helps express your heart towards the recipient. Specialties with hometown flavors are very suitable as gifts for the upcoming traditional Lunar New Year gifts.

Feng shui items

Another great Lunar New Year gift suggestion for the family that we can consider is feng shui items used in home decoration. This gift will be the perfect suggestion for those passionate about feng shui and caring a lot about spiritual lifestyle.

But feng shui items are very diverse and each product often has its unique meaning. Therefore, please research carefully about their uses for the gift recipient to increase the meaning in the first days of the year.


Above are 8 Affordable and meaningful Lunar New Year holiday gifts. You can consider choosing to suit your budget and the recipient. However, gift-giving still lies in the heart, so there’s no need to be too picky.