8 tips for families traveling with children

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Summer, holidays, etc. are great times for families to take their children on trips with family vacation. Not only does it just rest, but it also gives children the opportunity to learn and explore new destinations and activities! If you are planning a family trip with your children, quickly save these valuable tips and experiences for later with Koolteee.

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8 tips for families traveling with children

1. Choose a suitable destination.

Depending on your child’s age, you should consider the best family vacation and means of transportation. Just as children under 2 years old should not move too much in a short time, you should temporarily skip trips with many destinations or elements of exploration and adventure.

Instead, choose to go to resorts or parks – those with play spaces, gardens, swimming pools, and beaches. Children will not only play with their parents but also come into contact with nature.

After you have chosen your destination, book a room in advance and inform the hotel that you have children with you, so that the hotel can prepare well for your family, such as providing a crib in the room. highchairs, or other hotel special offers for children.

2. Prepare before departure

You should arrange them neatly and choose cloths according to the weather. For example, if you go in the summer, your baby will sweat a lot, so choose cool, sweat-absorbent clothes and some long clothes in case of windy evenings or cold air-conditioned places. Another tip is that you can roll them up and put them in a ziplock bag, dividing each bag into 3-4 sets for each day of the trip. Dirty items are then put back into the bag to keep them neat.

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Next, hats, glasses, sunscreen, mosquito repellent spray, and insect bite treatment cream specifically for children are also indispensable. Be more careful, bring some medicine, fever-reducing plasters, anti-diarrhea medicine, personal bandages…

Travel stroller It is also a very necessary item when taking your baby on long trips. Choose a compact, foldable stroller. If your schedule mainly involves taking public transportation, consider bringing a sling instead of a stroller to easily get on and off the bus or train.

3. Book basic and essential services in advance.

Once you have a schedule, get started with the services you will use in advance to ensure you don’t forget, miss, or have any problems before your departure date. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when booking services and activities for families traveling :

  • See the Additional Information section to read the regulations on children’s tickets. You need to pay attention to calculating the age by day (especially in countries like Korea, Japan,…) to buy the correct ticket.
  • Please read the entire Instructions for Use section to understand
  • Also important is the Cancellation Policy and the type of Open Ticket, the service can be canceled or used on a different date so that if something happens and you cannot participate on the date you purchased, you can still cancel. Or use it again another day.

4. Pack your luggage carefully.

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8 tips for families traveling with children

Loose belongings are unavoidable in families traveling. Refer to the following notes:

  • You need to arrange your baby’s luggage separately because things like bottles, baby food, diapers, etc. You need to divide an additional handbag with important things during the trip such as snacks, milk, drinks, tissues, etc. Clothes to change and clean if the baby vomits food or wets it wets the bed, poops, etc.
  • Refer below to see what to prepare for your baby.
  • The most important are the documents of both parents and baby.

5. What to bring for your baby?

  • Bring your baby’s daily blanket and pillow. When sleeping in a hotel, this will be a very useful item to keep your baby out of place and sleep well.
  • Bring your baby’s favorite toy, this will make him feel more secure when he cries or whines.
  • If your baby is still breastfeeding, you need to bring enough milk for days out, water to wash milk bottles, and hot water to mix milk when traveling on the train or car (balance the milk mixed with breast milk if necessary).
  • If your baby is old enough to start weaning, you should bring a cup, spoon, bowl, baby powder, instant porridge, and baby yogurt… to avoid not being able to buy baby food at the tourist destination.

6. Need to focus on transportation

During families traveling, you can consider choosing a private car or public transportation. However, please consider your schedule, your baby’s health, and your age to combine both for a variety of experiences and comfort. Choose accordingly depending on the distance and walking time from the hotel to the station and the station to the attraction.

7. Check the weather before departure.

This is the most important thing if you want a good trip, check the weather to avoid sunny or rainy weather. You don’t want to have to cancel your schedule, have your baby catch a cold, or get stuck in unpleasant weather. In addition, always bring a raincoat and umbrella to protect your whole family from the rain and sun!

8. Always pay attention to your baby.

Children’s age is extremely curious, they will easily run after cute, familiar characters. Therefore, you need to pay attention to your child when he is not holding your hand and always hold his hand to ensure that he is always with you, by your side everywhere, at all times.


Above are the tour travel experiences for big families traveling to have a lot of fun. Hope this article has provided your family with useful information!