Why polo shirts is the best item for summer?

Why polo shirts is the best item for summer
Discover why polo shirts are the ultimate summer wardrobe staple, blending comfort, style, and versatility for all your sunny adventures.

On the Old Continent, heatwaves are occurring one after the other in rapid succession. Our wardrobes, as well as our shopping habits, need to be redesigned to accommodate this new paradigm more than ever before. Garments that are both breathable and useful are the way to go. When it comes to tops for men, the polo shirt is among the most popular options during the warm summer months. Other popular options include lightweight t-shirts.

polo shirt for summer
polo shirt for summer

However, not every polo shirt is designed to be worn during the summer. In order to get the greatest polo shirts for the summer, what characteristics should you search for? When it comes to being light and airy without sacrificing style, which material is the most breathable, and which cut serves as the greatest option? If you are looking for the best summer polo shirts, Koolteee will tell you what to search for in order to locate them!

1. Breathable material

For the sake of this discussion, let’s begin with the most essential characteristic of the best summer polo shirts, which is the material. The correct material is very important for polo shirts to stand and fall on. This is due to the fact that the fabric is the single most important factor in determining things like quality, attractiveness, and functionality. At this point in time, polo shirts are offered in a wide range of patterns and materials, ranging from mixed fabrics to cotton and polyester.

However, a polo shirt that is truly of top quality and design needs to be constructed from a beautiful piqué cloth. Piqué is a type of fabric that makes use of a double weave and is typically made of cotton. It is distinguished by the presence of elevated parallel cords and geometric patterns in the weave. Piqué is a traditional woven style that is distinguished not only by its waffle-knit texture but also by its long-lasting quality with regard to its durability. In addition to this, piqué is a fabric that is comfortable to wear, easy to care for, breathable, and incredibly absorbent.

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Therefore, the best polo shirts for summer should be constructed of fine piqué produced from organic cotton that is one hundred percent. This will ensure that the shirt is breathable, soft, and sustainable. When selecting a polo shirt, it is recommended to go with a white or light-colored option so that it can reflect the sun rather than absorb it. In order to prevent any potential transparency that may be caused by traces of sweat, the material should not be very light but rather should be constructed of a fabric that is relatively heavier. In order to achieve the ideal combination of lightness and quality in a single product, we decided to use a lightweight piqué fabric that contains three to five percent spandex for our perfect polo shirt.

2. The perfect cut

When it comes to determining the best summer polo shirt, the cut is another significant component that can be considered alongside the material. How come? mainly due to the fact that a polo shirt that is too tight during the summer will create a certain amount of suffocation, but a polo shirt that is too loosely cut would lack all of its elegance. When it comes down to it, it all comes down to finding the ideal compromise: a sporty slim fit with slight side slits that allow for more freedom of movement is exactly what you should be searching for.

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It is unfortunate that it is difficult to obtain the proper width for a polo shirt without the garment appearing to be either too short or too long. Because of this, we at SANVT have improved upon the traditional method of sizing and now provide you with the opportunity to select your polo shirt based on its width and length. This ensures that we can provide an optimal fit for all different kinds of body types.

3. Details are important

When searching for the best summer polo shirts, it is important to pay attention to a number of other elements of design in addition to the color, the material, and the cut. These are all minor but extremely important things. We recommend polo shirts that do not have a chest pocket because these shirts have been the standard for fashionable menswear for many years. In addition to the fact that breast pockets can quickly give the impression of being stuffy, they also add an additional layer of fabric, albeit a partial one, which is detrimental to the polo’s capacity to breathe.

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We offer a basic shark collar with a seamless button front à la French Placket and buttons made of real mother-of-pearl for a subtle elegant touch. This is another important element that should not be overlooked. And finally, but certainly not least, remember that less is more! The use of a basic design in your polo helps to ensure that you will have a product that will stand the test of time and become your new favorite piece, not only during the summer but also throughout the year.

4. Resonable price polo shirt by Koolteee

This polo shirt from Koolteee is the epitome of minimalist style, and it is our ideal choice. As a matter of fact, we are experts in producing necessities that are ageless, simple, of high quality, and sustainable. These essentials are created in Portuguese factories that are owned by families and are fairly and carbon neutral. Because of this, we have also designed our polo with the utmost attention to detail, which has enabled us to reinterpret the fashion classic according to the needs of the contemporary man.

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Polo shirts are more than simply a functional and sporting top; they are the ideal transitional piece between a casual t-shirt and an exquisite shirt. Polo shirts are the perfect bridge between the two. Regardless of the time of year or the event, it is an essential item that is not only fashionable but also practical and sophisticated. And if you are still looking for the greatest summer polo shirts, we think that the perfect polo shirt from Koolteee is the one that will definitely strike the spot. Explore what is widely considered to be the best polo shirt in the world, and wear it with a clear conscience for the people, the environment, and the climate.