10 most unique spring festivals in the world

spring festivals

Spring Festivals are one of the cultural and spiritual beauties imbued with the national identity of each country. Lantern festivals in China, water splashing in Thailand, or sprinkling colored powder in India are the most awaited activities in spring.

spring festivals
10 most unique spring festivals in the world

Top 10 spring festivals in the world

1. Lantern Festival – Chinese spring festivals

The Lantern Festival held on the full moon day of the first lunar month every year is considered one of the most important and longest spring festivals of the Chinese people. Since ancient times, Chinese people have believed that lanterns can ward off evil and bring peace and luck, so they often hang them at the gates of houses and shops right before the New Year. Gradually, this ritual became a major activity, when people would wear red clothes, printed with flowers and lanterns to hope for a peaceful and prosperous new year.

2. Holi festival in India

Each festival event that appears in India carries unique meanings to the cultural life and people here. This is no exception to the Holi festival, also known as the festival of throwing colored powder, the festival of sharing love, etc. Not only does it play an important role for the Indian people, but this is also a celebration. big event for Nepalis, as well as Hindus around the world.

The appearance of this color festival also marks the end of Winter and the beginning of Spring full of vitality. For people in India, this is also an opportunity to express love, and solidarity and that good always overcomes evil.

3. Cherry blossom festival in Japan

The festival takes place when cherry blossoms are at their peak, usually in late March or the first days of April. The festival will officially begin when the representative cherry blossom trees at Yasukuni Shrine begin to bloom. On festival days, Japanese people often gather under cherry trees, eat, listen to music, play, and sing. These activities sometimes last all day and night. Food is prepared in advance, including some traditional dishes such as sushi, dango, bento, and sake or handmake – a special wine used while viewing the flowers.

4. Songkran water festival in Thailand

The Songkran water festival takes place every April, lasts 3 days, and attracts a large number of tourists to the country of the Golden Temple. Thais celebrate the Songkran festival to welcome the new year. According to tradition, this is an opportunity to wash away the old year’s misfortunes, wait for a peaceful new year, and show respect to family and elders, tightening relationships with neighbors.

spring festivals
10 most unique spring festivals in the world

5. Las Fallas Festival in Valencia, Spain

Las Fallas Festival in Valencia, Spain officially begins on March 1 every year with a fireworks display at 2:00 p.m. and lasts continuously until the 19th. On this occasion, visitors can immerse themselves in the atmosphere. The entertainment atmosphere is bustling with many exciting activities, admiring giant puppets made from paper, wood, and wax. Each work costs tens of thousands of dollars and contains satirical content and outdated customs in society.

6. Nowruz festival in Persia

Nowruz, also known as Persian New Year, is a traditional festival of Central Asian and South Asian countries such as Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Turkey,… This festival marks the first day of spring. and is celebrated on the spring equinox in the Northern Hemisphere. On this occasion, people in areas that were once part of ancient Persia will wear traditional clothes, and sing and dance with trumpets and tambourines in the streets to welcome the new year.

7. Cheese rolling festival in England

The Cheese Rolling Festival, one of the most bizarre spring festivals in the world, appeared in the 15th century and takes place annually on Cooper Hill (England). The form of this festival is a variation of the ancient ritual of dropping objects such as cakes and candies from the hills with the meaning of praying for a good harvest. During the festival, people will roll a block of cheese from the top of the hill and the contestants’ task is to chase that piece of cheese.

8. Spring equinox festival in Mexico

On March 20 or 21 every year, thousands of Mexicans gather together at the Teotihuacan archaeological site, about 48 km northeast of the Mexican capital, to attend the spring equinox festival. From 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m., they will climb the 360 ​​steps leading to the top of the Sun pyramid with the belief that the gods will give them energy and health.

9. Lantern Festival in Singapore

From the 1st to the 15th of the Lunar New Year, everywhere in Singapore is filled with festive colors. People congratulate each other, say good things, and give lucky money envelopes. In addition to the lantern festival parade in the days leading up to Tet, the zodiac animal symbolizing the year also appears everywhere with the lucky red color being the main decoration. If you travel here at the beginning of the year, families will fully feel the atmosphere of spiritual luck and solemnity of the Lunar New Year.

10. Walpurgis Night Festival – Germany

This traditional German spring festival is usually held in Central and Northern Europe – exactly 6 months after Halloween. Participants will dress up as witches, light bonfires and dance around. One of the most popular places to organize this festival is the Skansen open-air museum in Stockholm.

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With 10 famous spring festivals in the world, Koolteee hopes you will have many different and unforgettable memories when experiencing the culture in each country.