Mother day t-shirt and fun fact about Mother’s Day 2024

Mother day t shirt

Mother’s Day is an important, special occasion for people to express their gratitude and filial piety to the woman in their life, their mother. So do you know what day this is? Let’s join Koolteee to learn some information about the origin and meaning of Mother’s Day and the best gift about Mother day t-shirt for mothers right below.

mother day t shirt
Mother day t-shirt and fun fact about Mother's Day 2024

When is Mother’s Day 2024?

Mother’s Day is a day to celebrate and honor mothers around the world. Mother’s Day usually takes place on the second Sunday of May every year. For 2024, Mother’s Day will take place on Sunday, May 12.

Origin and Meaning of Mother’s Day

Origin of Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day originates from legends from ancient Greece and Rome and is usually held in spring. At that time, the Greeks often solemnly organized this event paying tribute to mothers, especially the god Rhea – the mother of many gods in ancient Greek mythology.

However, Some information suggests that Mother’s Day originated in England, this event is held annually about 40 days before Easter to express gratitude to mothers. Children often give flowers and fruit cakes to their mothers. Until the 19th century, this event no longer appeared.

Meaning of Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is welcomed and responded to by everyone because this is an occasion where children have the opportunity to express gratitude and respect to those who have given birth and nurtured them. At the same time, this is an opportunity to honor the contributions and merits of mothers and women for family and society.

Mother’s Day traditions in countries around the world

Mother’s Day is celebrated on many different days in countries around the world, The most popular is the 2nd Sunday in May or the fourth Sunday

  • In England, this day originated in the 17th century called Mothering Sunday, held on the 4th Sunday of Lent.
  • Meanwhile Germany, the first Mother’s Day was in 1950, Held on the 2nd Sunday of May.
  • In America, Mother’s Day was adopted by President Woodrow Wilson in 1914 and this is a great holiday. On this occasion, children will invite their mother to dinner because they do not want their mother to have to cook and be busy.

What gift should you give on Mother’s Day?

On Mother’s Day, children can give their mother a bouquet of fresh flowers, a few small gifts, or simply a loving wish to the mother or simply return home to reunite for a family meal.

mother day t shirt
Mother day t-shirt and fun fact about Mother's Day 2024

Take mom shopping

Taking the time to take your mother shopping shows your care and desire to make her happy, which is much more valuable than the material value of the gift.

The pajama

Giving your mother pajamas for her birthday is a truly sophisticated and intimate gift idea. When choosing sleepwear as a gift, you should pay attention to the material, color, and style to suit your mother’s preferences and style.

Spa tickets, yoga courses, dancing

At the age of 30 to 40 years old mother, taking care of health and beauty becomes more important. Spa and yoga help mothers reduce stress, improve mental and physical health, and maintain beauty and youthfulness.

In addition, classes such as yoga or dance provide opportunities to meet and socialize with new people, allowing mothers to have more friends and social activities and find new joys and passions that help make life richer and more meaningful.

Tour with family

Mom is often busy with work and family responsibilities. A trip is a great opportunity for mothers to rest and enjoy precious time with loved ones.

Traveling not only helps relax physically but also improves mentally, helping mothers reduce stress and regenerate energy. Mothers have the opportunity to explore new places and experience different cultures and customs, thereby expanding their knowledge and understanding. This is also an opportunity for mothers to focus on self-care, try new activities, and relax.


Household items are practical gifts that simplify and make your mother’s daily life easier and more comfortable. For mothers in dry or tropical climates, a humidifier or bladeless fan can help birthday gift for a mother is the ideal choice.

Silk scarf

Silk scarves are not only luxurious and fashionable but also show your sophistication and care. You can choose a scarf with a color and pattern that matches your mother’s preferences.


Fresh flowers are always a great choice for women, especially mothers. Flowers are a meaningful gift that symbolizes love and youth, giving the recipient a feeling of happiness and joy.

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Mother’s day shirt ideas


Electric toothbrush

An electric toothbrush is a smart technology item that helps mothers clean their teeth more quickly and conveniently. You should prioritize electric toothbrushes with few levels and functions as a gift for your mother. The simpler the designs, the less difficult it is for mothers to use.


A gift for your mother is a smartwatch is a great idea because this device will help her monitor and control health indicators such as blood pressure, heart rate, and calories… effectively. In addition, they also integrate many diverse features such as: listening, calling, and texting exactly like a phone so mothers can conveniently communicate.


Above is some information and meaningful wishes sent to mothers on this special day. Please give a lot of love to your mother. Hope this information about Mother’s Day and Mother day t-shirt will be useful to you.