11 Best full month gift for mothers and babies

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When invited to attend the baby’s full month, attendees often give a small gift to show their love for the baby, as well as to congratulate the baby on the full month and good health.

If you are still wondering what to give your baby, Koolteee suggests the Top 11 most psychological and practical full-month gifts for your baby right below!

Suggestions for the most reasonable full month gifts

Newborn clothes

When buying gifts for your baby, you should not ignore cute clothes or dresses. This is one of the meaningful and practical gifts for both girls and boys. You can give your baby clothes with socks, hats, or a cute headband for your baby girl.

Note that when buying clothes, you need to find out about your weight in advance to buy clothes that fit well. During this period, the baby “grows” very quickly, so to be more thoughtful, you can buy many different sizes to suit the baby’s stage of development.

In addition, if you choose clothes, you should choose bright colors, comfortable designs, and soft and absorbent materials. In particular, pay attention to the brand and origin of clothing to avoid buying poor quality items that irritate children’s skin.

full month
11 Best full month gift for mothers and babies

Diapers, milk, towel

For newborn babies, diapers, milk, and towels are essential items, never redundant. So, if you don’t know how to give your baby a full-month gift, choose these gifts! This gift shows your care for your baby from the smallest things but is easy to buy and choose.

Before buying, you should consult to know which product is suitable for your baby, and avoid choosing the wrong product that causes skin irritation for your child.

Baby shower gel and shampoo

This is a smart and practical choice for your baby. However, since the baby’s skin is fragile and sensitive, you should choose natural, gentle products and shampoos that do not sting the baby’s eyes, and avoid choosing chemical shower gels. The ingredients in shower gel contain chemicals, preservatives, and artificial fragrances that are not good for your baby and will cause your baby’s skin to become dry and even allergic.

Crib hanging toys for baby

At this stage, babies mainly lie down, so cribs and crib-hanging toys are very suitable as gifts for babies. Surely your baby will be very excited and passionate about looking at colorful toys and adorable animals. This helps your baby develop more vision, hearing, observation, and concentration.

Besides, nowadays many types of cradles also play music. The melodious music with soft melodies and the rotating cradle help your baby feel comfortable and at ease so they can easily fall into a deep sleep. Then the baby’s mother can have her hands free, rest, or take advantage of other things!

Newborn toys

It would be a good idea if you give your baby toys specifically designed for newborns. It can be a cute little stuffed animal, a cloth book, a rattle, a hand-held squeaky toy, or any item that can make a sound to attract your baby’s attention.

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When choosing newborn toys, you should also remember to choose items made from extremely soft and safe materials. Avoid small objects that can be dangerous for your baby to swallow or put in their mouth.


If your baby boy or girl doesn’t have a stroller yet, this will be a meaningful and unique gift that you can use as a gift for your baby on the occasion of this month. This is a very meaningful gift for parents to take their baby for a walk, go out, or when they can’t carry their baby while doing household chores.

Babies tied

A baby carrier is a useful gift for mothers when the baby is 3 to 4 months old or older. At this time, I can carry the baby and have my hands free, taking advantage of the extra chores. Or every time you take your baby along on a motorbike, this sling is really useful.

You should pay attention to choosing a carrier with a wide strap to make the carrier feel comfortable and a soft lining to create a comfortable feeling for the baby.

Play mat for babies

This will be a gift that children will love. The extremely soft and comfortable playmat with lovely eye-catching colors will make your baby feel comfortable, enjoy playing, and explore the world. The dome-shaped toy play frame on top with small, cute, colorful stuffed animals comes with a play mat for your baby to look at or hold as they please.

The playmat will be a useful and safe toy for your baby and will help your child develop the ability to observe, move, and feel.

Pillow to support baby’s breastfeeding

Pillows are indispensable support for mothers during pregnancy and especially while breastfeeding. The baby support pillow helps the mother lean back or place the baby on the pillow to make it easier for the mother to operate, or to help the father replace his wife with a simple bottle-feeding.

Baby bedding set

One-month-old babies usually still lie down and have their own bedding sets, so you can give them a lovely bedding set with bright colors and funny shapes. Choosing a bedding set that is soft for your baby’s skin and feels warm is the perfect choice as a first-month gift. Surely this gift will help your baby have a good and deep sleep every night.


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Hopefully, with the above suggestions, you have chosen a meaningful full-month gift for your baby! To choose the best quality products to care for mothers and babies, Koolteee will be the top destination not to be missed.