Traveling shirt & 5 Best attractive destinations for summer trips abroad

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Traveling abroad in the summer is the ideal time to “regenerate” energy and evoke new excitement. If you want to add a little special flavor to your life, please refer to Koolteee’s suggestions about a traveling shirt and the best attractive destinations below.

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Traveling shirt & 5 Best attractive destinations for summer trips abroad

1. Why should you travel abroad in the summer?

Have you ever asked the question: Why should you travel abroad in the summer and not at any other time? Firstly, summer is a suitable time to temporarily put aside daily work and travel with relatives and friends. Second, summer is the ideal time to explore entertainment destinations and island paradises. Finally, the summer weather is suitable for participating in outdoor activities.

There are 5 reasons why you should travel abroad in the summer:

– Promotional programs: Many summer promotional programs are strongly deployed such as booking air tickets, hotel rooms, cheap foreign tours,…
– Relieve stress: Relieve stress and chaos about work and social relationships.
– Pleasant weather: Summer weather is often dry and suitable for participating in outdoor activities such as: Trekking, mountain climbing, surfing, diving to see lakes, sightseeing, eating,…
– Flexibility in choosing travel time: Because this is the time when students are off school, families can enjoy trips with their children.
– Packing luggage is easier: Summer clothes are often thinner and lighter, easier to pack and carry. Especially for summer trips abroad, “lightweight” luggage will create a feeling of comfort and ease of breathing.

2. Can’t miss these attractive foreign summer tourist destinations

If you have found a reason to travel abroad in the summer, you will definitely wonder which country you should travel to in the summer. Below are suggestions for 10 summer foreign tourist destinations that you should visit once in your life.

1. Thailand – Southeast Asia’s tourist paradise

It would be remiss not to list the land of the Golden Temple in the list of the most wonderful summer foreign tourist destinations today. Thailand not only possesses unique Buddhist monuments and magnificent natural scenery, but travel costs are not expensive. This is also one of the reasons why Thai tourism has an outstanding growth rate.

Coming to Thailand, visitors will explore the vibrant city of Bangkok and admire the crystal-clear summer beach in Phuket. There is nothing more ideal than enjoying the cool, peaceful atmosphere at dreamy beaches. Not only that, visitors also have the opportunity to participate in special summer festivals in some localities. 

According to Thailand’s travel experience, summer is the time when airfares and accommodation services drop sharply. Therefore, if you are wondering where to travel abroad in the summer, then “finalize” your trip to Thailand! Below are some summer tourist destinations in Thailand that you should visit once in your life:
– Bangkok: Wat Pho Buddhist Temple, royal palaces, Chinatown Bangkok, Khao San Street, Chao Phraya River…
– Phuket: Phang Nga Bay, Koh Phi Phi island, Big Buddha statue,…
– Chiang Mai: Doi Inthanon, summer palace, Chedi Luang pagoda,…

2. China – Explore thousand-year-old ancient towns

When talking about China, we often remember the romantic autumn in the ancient town of a thousand years or watching the snow fall in winter in Beijing and Harbin. However, few people know that summer in China has countless equally interesting experiences. 

Summer in China usually starts from June to August. Although the summer climate is quite hot and mixed with bright sunshine. However, this country of thousands of years of civilization has many wonderful summer travel destinations.

traveling shirt
Traveling shirt & 5 Best attractive destinations for summer trips abroad

3. Japan – Land of cherry blossoms

Choosing the right time to travel to Japan is indeed very difficult. Because every season in Japan has its own unique beauty. However, traveling to Japan in the summer is most popular with foreign tourists. June in Japan is usually spring transitioning to summer, with average temperatures ranging from about 20 to 25 degrees Celsius, with high humidity and the weather is often quite rainy and windy. In June, showers often appear and can last for many consecutive days.

Additionally, if you want to avoid the heat and enjoy the tropical summer, Okinawa Island and the coast of Tokyo are great destinations. You can relax on the beach, participate in water sports activities and enjoy fresh seafood.

4. Korea – Romantic summer paradise

If you think that Korea is not a suitable summer foreign tourist destination, you are wrong. Summer weather in Korea is quite pleasant, not too hot like some other East Asian countries. The average temperature only ranges from 20 degrees Celsius – 25 degrees Celsius. 

Coming to Korea in the summer, you can feel the cool breeze from Haeundae beach and admire the majestic beauty of Jeju Island. Besides, summer is also the time when many major festivals take place throughout the year in Korea.

If you have the opportunity to come to Korea in the summer, do not miss the following festivals and tourist attractions:
– Summer festivals: Sand festival in Haeundae, Boryeong mud festival, Muju firefly festival, Buyeo lotus festival.
– Summer Korean tourist destinations: Busan Haeundae Beach, Gyeongbokgung Palace, Jeju Island, Nami Island,…

5. Hong Kong – Dream shopping paradise

If you want to spend the whole summer shopping and sightseeing on a cruise, don’t hesitate to come to Hong Kong! Hong Kong is one of the summer foreign tourist destinations that attracts millions of tourists. Although the summer weather in Hong Kong is hot and humid with some light rain, the air is cool and pleasant. 

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