Top Simple and Fancy Pumpkin Decorating Ideas To Try This Fall 2023

pumpkin decorating ideas

As the cool fall days arrive, it’s time to gather people and delve into pumpkin decorating ideas. If you are bored with carved jack-o’-lantern ideas, the list below is for your reference.

1. Witch No-carve Pumpkin:

To begin with the crafting, wrap white tape around the black tubes to create a striped effect. Stick them to the pumpkin with glue. Let it dry. Then, apply glue to the other end and fit it into the shoe. Wait 2-3 hours for it to dry. For the face, cut or print designs for the eyes, nose, and mouth. Stick them on the pumpkin. Finish by putting on a hat with hair to make the pumpkin look like a witch.

If you are interested in witch designs among pumpkin decorating ideas, the T-shirt below is definitely for you!

Halloween Trick Or Treat T Shirt 1

Halloween Trick Or Treat T-Shirt

The T-shirt featured a spooky classic Jack-o-lantern adorned with a witch’s hat. Underneath it was the famous Halloween phrase, “Trick or Treat”.


2. Spider-No-Carve Pumpkin:

To begin and achieve a unique decoration with various pumpkin decorating ideas, take a pumpkin and paint it black on all the surfaces.

For the eyes, prepare 7 small pumpkins. Then, remove the stems from small pumpkins and insert long toothpicks on each instead. After that, spray white primer and wait for all of the pumpkins to dry. Draw a black circle in the center and a red ring around it. Add a white dot to the edge of the black and red circles if you want the eyes to be more real.

Use 8 to 23 inches of galvanized steel wire and bend the top to resemble the spider legs. Next, wrap a black pipe cleaner around each leg. To make it stay in place, pinch it 4 inches from the top bend. Don’t forget to use pliers for curving wires at the ends of the feet.

After getting everything fixed in the position, get ready to outdo all your neighbors’ pumpkin decorating ideas!

3. Mickey No-carve Pumpkin:

Firstly, spray acrylic paint on the surface, but the pumpkin needs to be clean for a glossy effect. Secondly, find a drawn template of Mickey’s face, cut the features out, and use double-sided tape to slowly attach each one to the pumpkin. Next, gently use a pencil to draw a faint line along the shapes of the eyes, nose, and mouth. If the lines are lightly visible, start to remove the template and fill the face characteristics with a dark color. Finally, secure the little plastic pumpkins using toothpicks to form large ears—an important symbol to differentiate Mickey from other characters. Among the myriad of pumpkin decorating ideas, there you go with an impressive Mickey pumpkin!

If you want to capture a fantastic photo with fall outdoor decor featuring the finished product, don’t miss this year’s Halloween Mickey T-shirt edition from Koolteee!

Halloween Trick Or Treat T Shirt 1 3

Disneyland Halloween Mickey T-Shirt

This T-shirt has a Mickey theme on both sides. On the front, there’s a small Mickey face next to the letter ‘D’ from Disneyland. The back features a scary and impressive image of Mickey Pumpkin surrounded by spider webs. The word ‘Disneyland’ is written in a traditional font and is covered with many adorable figures.


4. Bluey or Bingo No-carve Pumpkin:

If you’re looking for kid-friendly pumpkin decorating ideas, this is worth your read. Firstly, use the pencil to lightly sketch eyes. Apply the white color to the eyes and draw black circles for the pupils. Then, light yellow and blue for the nose and mouth, respectively. For the leftover pumpkin surface, both blue and light blue are needed.

Following the image below, attach two triangles with the smaller one from yellow paper for the ears.

Pumpkin Decorating Ideas
Top Simple and Fancy Pumpkin Decorating Ideas To Try This Fall 2023

5. Popcorn No-carve Pumpkin:

Firstly, apply white paint or your favorite color on the surface. While waiting for the pumpkin to dry, make small squares from white tissue paper. To resemble the ripe popcorn, color some squares with yellow then crumple into a circle shape. Then, by using a hot glue gun, combine multiple balls of tissue paper to shape a piece of popcorn. Measure the size of the top surface of the pumpkin and ensure that popcorn is filled in this area for a vivid effect.


Pumpkin decoration is a cherished Halloween tradition that brings joy and creativity to this spooky season. So, let your imagination run wild with given lists of pumpkin decorating ideas and create lasting memories with loved ones at an extraordinary time of year!