5 Best Christmas Symbols And Their Meanings

Christmas is the most anticipated big holiday of the year. As this season approaches, our surroundings come alive with fun Christmas symbols and festive decorations. We can see twinkling lights, mistletoe kisses and the jolly old man in red. But did you know that behind it all there are stories with their own meanings? Beyond the gifts and parties, every Christmas decoration has a story to tell. There’s a lot more to explore than meets the eye. So, we have made a common Christmas symbols list. Let’s learn with Koolteee about the symbols of Christmas and their meaning as we look through their interesting history behind these famous Christmas holiday symbols!

1. Santa Claus

5 Best Christmas Symbols And Their Meanings
5 Best Christmas Symbols And Their Meanings

The origin of the name “Santa Claus” or Saint Nicholas dates back to Turkey in the 4th century. From an early age, he was a very pious person who dedicating his entire life to Christianity. Nicholas is particularly praised for his immense love for children and his generous spirit.

In people’s imagination, Santa Claus is a tall, gentle and tolerant man. Santa Claus is similar to a symbol of gift, luck and peace. Since the 16th century, Dutch children have left their shoes next to the fireplace in the hope that he will generously give them their dream gift. To this day, on Christmas Eve, children around the world hang their stockings on the tree next to the fireplace to wait for their gift from Santa the next morning.

Picture this: come Christmas Day, Santa Claus gracefully soars through the sky on his reliable reindeer, skillfully maneuvering through chimneys adorned with festive Christmas trees. He is on a mission to sprinkle fun in the form of gifts for the little ones soundly dreaming below. It is a magical spectacle, a joyous journey that captures the enchantment of the holiday season.

From the legendary stories surrounding him to the actual images maintained until now, we can clearly feel that. Perhaps Santa Claus embodies a meaning closely tied to Christmas: let us listen to and protect the children around us. Because when facing difficulties, we ourselves also need protection. In essence, we can become Santa Claus, as there is a child within our hearts.

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2. Christmas Tree

In a popular legend about the introduction of the Christmas tree, Martin Luther, who is a 16th-century German missionary, have found the inspiration in the beauty of the stars shimmering through the evergreen trees. Motivated by them, he decided to bring a tree into his home and decorate it with candles to represent the stars. In the 19th century, pine trees gained popularity in England. In the 1820s, Germans brought the tradition of Christmas trees to America.

The Christmas tree is considered a symbol of the Christmas holiday. This tree is also known as the resurrection tree as for its strong vitality. Despite living in a cold winter climate, it still maintains strong and sturdy with its beautiful green color. According to Western beliefs, green is the color that symbolizes eternity and prosperity.

As Christmas approaches, people nowadays often purchase a Christmas tree to celebrate and adorn it with long candy canes, colorful stockings and baubles filled with glitter. The decorations are said to symbolize the light of Christ and joy in life, while the tree symbolizes connection with nature, good luck in welcoming the new year and hope for a prosperous future.

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3. Candy canes

In the 1800s, a candy maker in India sought to convey the meaning of Christmas through a candy symbol. He began implementing his idea by bending one of his candy bars into the shape of a shepherd’s staff, who came to visit the newborn Jesus. Through his candy cane, he expressed the love and sacrifice of God.

The candy canes consist of 2 colors: white and red. White symbolizes innocence, purity, and the cleansing of sins, while the red color represents the blood that Jesus shed prior to his crucifixion. The 3 red stripes on the candy cane stand for the God’s divine trinity, which is the unity of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. If the stick is turned upside down, it becomes the letter J, representing the first letter of Jesus.

Candy canes come in many different flavors, besides of the traditional peppermint. In addition to their visual appeal and delightful flavors, candy canes are a sweet reminder of the religious aspects of the holiday season. Hanging on the Christmas tree or sharing as a treat, these sugary sweet treats add a meaningful symbolic touch to the celebration, blending joyful flavors with the deeper spiritual essence of Christmas.

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4. Advent wreaths

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5 Best Christmas Symbols And Their Meanings

The wreath is another of the Christmas symbols. It is crafted in a circular form using intertwined green leaf branches, where the green color signifies hope for the Savior’s arrival to bring salvation. The circle itself symbolizes God’s eternal love for humanity. Positioned on the wreath are four candles, each holding significance in depicting the ongoing battle between light and darkness. Three of these candles, adorned in purple, represent the Advent season—a period dedicated to preparing the soul for the welcoming of God. Additionally, a pink candle, symbolizing the joyful Sunday, adds a unique touch to the Advent wreath.

Lighting one candle each week before Christmas is a special tradition for Christians. It is like a symbolic ritual that helps people think about hope, getting ready, joy, and love during the Advent season.

5. Bells

Christmas bells are a cherished and iconic element of the holiday season. In certain European cultures, bells serve as signals to the public, indicating either a joyful and significant event or a somber occurrence. This custom, originating after the birth of Jesus, was introduced to Western countries to celebrate the arrival of the Savior. In Spain, church bells ring at midnight, marking the birth of God as well as Christmas holiday.

The sound of bells is believed to ward off evil spirits and bring good luck. Its rhythmic and melodious sound will add a musical and celebratory element to the Christmas festivities.

Bells are often used as decorations on Christmas trees, wreaths and various decorations. Their use has become a festive tradition, symbolizing celebration and joy. Combining many different designs, bells contribute to the visual diversity of Christmas decorations, which become indispensable in one of the Christmas symbols.


These 5 Christmas symbols, with their special meanings, bring us joy and hope as we enjoy the Christmas season. Preserving these traditions and understanding why they matter helps us connect with our roots. Let’s appreciate them and remember the true heart of Christmas—spreading love and togetherness—as we enjoy the beautiful lights, time with family, and holiday music around us.

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