5 Ways To Celebrate St Patrick’s Day

Happy St Patrick's Day

In the earlier, St Patrick’s Day in contemporary Ireland was commemorated as a religious festival. As a matter of fact, up until the 1970s, Irish rules mandated that bars close on March 17th. But starting in 1995, the Irish government began a widespread marketing initiative with the aim of leveraging St. Patrick’s Day enthusiasm to boost tourism and promote Ireland and Irish culture to the rest of the globe. This campaign has not yet ended.

Festivals Honoring St Patrick’s Day in Different Parts Of The World

People of many different cultures and nationalities come together to celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day today, especially in the United States of America, Canada, and Australia. St Patrick’s Day is observed all around the world, including in nations that are located quite a distance from Ireland, such as Russia, Japan, and Singapore. Although though the majority of celebrations take place in North America, this holiday is acknowledged and celebrated all over the world. Three foods that are commonly cooked for Saint Patrick’s Day are Irish soda bread, corned beef and cabbage, and champ. Many people in the United States celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day by donning green clothing as a symbol of their admiration and appreciation for the Irish culture.

Historically, the observance of Saint Patrick’s Day in modern-day Ireland has been marked as a public holiday commemorating the Christian saint. In point of fact, Irish rules mandated that all bars must close at midnight on March 17th right up until the 1970s. However, beginning in 1995, the Irish government began a nationwide campaign with the objective of utilizing interest in St. Patrick’s Day with the goal of driving tourism and showcasing Ireland and Irish culture to the rest of the world. This campaign was intended to utilize the interest in St Patrick’s Day. This campaign is still active at this time.

So now you’re up-to-date on the history behind St Patrick’s Day and why celebrations occur worldwide, but how can you celebrate this special day of Irish tradition?

1. Wear green and sport a Shamrock

It is common practice to use the shamrock as a symbol of Ireland because of its close association with Saint Patrick and the teachings that he imparted. Shamrocks, which were originally worn by the Irish to demonstrate their Christian identity, eventually gave way to the tradition of donning green in honor of St. Patrick’s Day.

Despite the fact that shamrocks do not truly exist, they are commonly associated with clovers owing to the fact that their leaves are quite similar, which is why many people use clovers as decorations and face paint on St Patrick’s Day.

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2. Eat some traditional fare

The traditional Irish meal for Paddys day

originally bacon, potatoes, and soda bread, but now there are many more foods that are served to celebrate the holiday. The Irish people who emigrated to the United States saw that beef was being utilized in place of bacon because it was more affordable. They would gently boil it with cabbage while tenderizing it with brine (corned beef).

Irish Beef Stew, Irish Boxty, and Dublin Coddle are just a few of the meals that are commonly consumed in honor of this holiday. Of course, there is a vast variety of other foods that are also eaten.

3. Attend a Parade

In 1737, the city of Boston hosted the first St Patrick’s Day celebration to take place in colonial America. Presently, it is celebrated throughout the US, but the St Patrick’s Day parade on New York’s 5th Avenue is the rowdiest and biggest of them all! More than two hundred and fifty years have passed since it was first held, and now it draws between 150,000 and 250,000 participants.

4. Cheers!

As a result of the Irish diaspora that occurred during the potato famine, you will never be more than a short distance from an Irish bar. You may find an Irish pub everywhere in the world, from Melbourne to Rio, and if you’re lucky, they’ll offer the traditional Irish beverage, Guinness. Dublin is the birthplace of this Irish dry stout, which is widely recognized as the country’s signature alcoholic beverage.
If you don’t feel like using a pint of the dark stuff to make toast, you could always try cooking with it instead. In the kitchen of the BCS, we had an Ox and Guinness Pie, which turned out to be really scrumptious.

St Patrick's Day
Happy St Patricks Day

5. Get Baking

If you are in the mood for some serious culinary adventure and are looking for some tasty meals with a green theme, you might want to give baking a shot. The usual colored cakes are going to be pretty flamboyant, but making them will be a lot of fun!


The traditions of the Irish diaspora, particularly in North America, have had a significant impact on the modern-day festivities of St Patrick’s Day. Up until the latter half of the 20th century, St Patrick’s Day was traditionally observed with a greater degree of fervor in areas of Irish diaspora than it was in Ireland itself.