Beach outfit & 10 Fun beach games for the whole family

beach outfit

For many children, one of the best things about summer is going to the beach. Koolteee lists 10 fun games for the whole family and a beautiful beach outfit.

beach outfit
Beach outfit & 10 Fun beach games for the whole family

1. Treasure Hunting

Before going to the beach, secretly prepare a treasure map so children can participate. You can use simple objects brought from home such as umbrellas, hats, empty water cans, and sandals… and mark them.

Then place these objects in a certain area, giving your child a “map” or list so they can find them. More simply, you can choose objects that will definitely be found at sea such as birds, sand castles, parachutes, buoys, and shells… This game will make your child very excited. 

2. Sand painting

One of the games that is very simple but never boring! Let’s have a contest to see who has the best picture! Don’t forget to take pictures and reward the winner with a cool ice cream.

3. Water balloon battle

Prepare rubber balloons, or make water bottles with plastic rubber that is safe for children. Let’s divide the whole family into groups and see who can “shoot” the other person the most. Boys will love this physical game.

4. Beach soccer

It’s not natural that we have soccer matches on the beach. Prepare a plastic ball and play with your child. It’s so simple that kids will enjoy watching it for hours.

5. Build a sand castle

For girls or young children, building sand castles is an extremely fun activity when going to the beach. See how creative your child is and don’t forget to praise his or her “super products”. You can buy a set of plastic sand toys in advance for your child to freely use on this occasion.

beach outfit1
Beach outfit & 10 Fun beach games for the whole family

6. Make a mini fish tank

Prepare a bucket, fill it with water, and put the sea scallops in. If you’re diligent, you can also find small crabs on the sand. Bring a book about the ocean and explore this mysterious world with your child.

7. Beach fashion

This is a great game for elegant princesses. Children will transform colorful towels, scarves, sunglasses, and beach hats into fun outfits. These “costumes” are also very convenient to block the sun. What could be more convenient? 

A basic beach outfit with short shorts

The Summer I Turned Pretty 2023 Cousins Beach T-Shirt

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Beach clothes – Matching beach outfit ideas for whole family members.


Crocheted clothes

One of the biggest advantages of crocheted clothes is their handmade nature – each item is created with meticulousness and love, giving the wearer a unique and individual feeling. Not only can you choose the style, but you can also choose the size that suits your body shape, ensuring the best comfort and fit.


With a smart, comfortable design, the jumpsuit is the perfect combination of style and dynamism, suitable for all activities from walking on the beach and camping to playing outdoor games.

Off-the-shoulder dresses

Off-the-shoulder dresses are the perfect choice for girls who want to show off their gentle and feminine beauty when walking down the beach. Whether you are slim or chubby, the off-the-shoulder dress design always helps highlight your most attractive features, while also hiding the parts you feel self-conscious about.

Maxi dress, comfortable beach outfit

When choosing outfits for beach trips, maxi dresses are always one of the “hot items” that cannot be ignored. With a long, graceful design, the maxi dress gives women optimal comfort, while affirming a charming and feminine fashion style.

A bikini goes with an outer shirt

If you’re still wondering what to wear to the beach, why not try a bikini set combined with an oversized shirt? A bikini is not only the top choice when going to the beach but can also become more fashionable when combined with oversized shirts.

This is a bold but extremely effective way of coordinating clothes, giving you a unique and dynamic look. Oversize shirts are a popular item in street fashion. When mixed with a bikini, they will create a beach outfit that is not only comfortable but also extremely attractive.

Kuromi Hello Kitty Bikini Summer Swimsuit

Beach vacation outfits, The cute Hello Kitty summer swimsuit for young girls.


Kuromi Hello Kitty Bikini Summer Swimsuit

Tank top with wide-leg pants

In the hot summer, choosing beach clothes is not only based on fashion but also needs to ensure comfort and dynamism. A simple but extremely effective combination is a tank top and wide-leg pants. This duo not only helps you move easily but also creates a unique and attractive fashion style.

Choosing a tank top with minimalist patterns and a body-hugging design will help accentuate the figure and bring a sense of confidence to the wearer. The tank top not only reflects dynamism but is also a symbol of freedom and generosity, suitable for the atmosphere of summer days with wide seas and high skies.

8. Blend with the wind

Bring flying saucers, spinning tops, or a kite. Clear and windy weather will be the most suitable place for your child to play these games.

9. Build a tent

This activity is not only fun but also helps the whole family “take shelter from the sun” very interestingly. Use towels, large stakes, chairs, and ropes to create a “one-of-a-kind” tent for the whole family.

10. Pick up seashells

When it comes to going to the beach, we can’t forget picking up seashells, right? Let’s take a walk around the shore with your children to find the most beautiful and strange seashells. They also make lovely souvenirs for friends back home


Hoping you will have a nice beach trip with 10 fun games and some beach outfit ideas. Thanks for your time.