15 best things you can t do while pregnant

things you can t do while pregnant

Understanding the following 15 things you can t do while pregnant will help pregnant mothers have a healthy and safe pregnancy as well as help the baby develop best. 

things you can t do while pregnant
15 best things you can t do while pregnant

Why should pregnant mothers abstain from certain things during pregnancy? 

Pregnancy for pregnant mothers is a big challenge in terms of health, physical and mental health. Often you will always feel uncomfortable, tired, and physically weak, and also face other problems such as Anemia, gestational diabetes, preeclampsia, and postpartum complications,… 

For the fetus, at any stage, improper care can easily cause slow fetal development, miscarriage, premature birth, etc. 

Therefore, a clear understanding of what should and should not be done during pregnancy is an extremely necessary thing that pregnant mothers should learn to ensure the safest during this period. 

Summary of 15 common things you can t do while pregnant

During pregnancy, every pregnant mother is probably told to abstain from this and that. Therefore, below we will summarize 15 things you can t do while pregnant for women to refer to: 

Do not arbitrarily use medicine 

During pregnancy, mothers should absolutely not take medication on their own, especially prescription drugs such as fever reducers, cough medicines, allergy medicines, etc. because they can easily cause many complications that affect the health of the body. fetus causes birth defects in the baby in the womb. 

Limit drinks containing caffeine 

Pregnant mothers should minimize the use of things containing caffeine such as tea, coffee, stimulants, etc. because this is a substance that can increase heart rate, making pregnant mothers feel anxious. Sleep affects the health of the mother and baby. 

things you can t do while pregnant
15 best things you can t do while pregnant

No smoking 

It is known that cigarettes contain more than 7,000 types of toxins that are harmful to health, especially harmful to the respiratory system. Therefore, pregnant mothers should minimize the use or inhalation of cigarette smoke to best protect their health 

Don’t drink alcohol 

Many alcoholic beverages such as wine, when entering the body, will affect the bloodstream, affecting the fetus, and reducing the ability to provide oxygen and nutrients. This causes the fetus to develop more slowly, especially in the early stages. 

Limit negative moods 

During the entire pregnancy process, if the mother’s body is always in negative emotions, they will send signals to it, which these signals will be transmitted from the fetus and the children will feel them. This also has an extremely negative impact on the child’s future development. 

Do not come into contact with toxic chemicals 

Toxic chemicals are things that will directly enter the body and cause very bad effects on the fetus. The worst thing that can happen is usually birth defects or miscarriage… Therefore, mothers must absolutely avoid contact with any toxic substances. 

Avoid climbing stairs too much during pregnancy 

In the first or last 3 months of pregnancy, one of the folk things you can t do while pregnant that pregnant mothers should limit is climbing stairs too much.  

Therefore, in any case, you absolutely must not exercise too much because it will hurt the health of both mother and baby. 

Don’t wear high heels 

When pregnant mothers wear high heels, it will create great pressure on the pelvis, waist, and ankles. This often causes mothers to feel hip pain, back pain, cramps, and especially fall easily. Therefore, mothers should not use it during pregnancy. 

Avoid saunas and soaking in hot water 

When pregnant women take a sauna or soak in hot water, it can easily cause sudden temperature changes, causing low blood pressure, fainting, varicose veins, and slowing down the speed of blood circulation to the fetus… So mothers should Consider staying away from these. 

Don’t sit or stand for too long 

Standing or sitting for too long will reduce the blood supply to the lower limbs, easily causing numbness in the limbs. cramp, the pain is very uncomfortable. The best solution is to regularly exercise gently, it will be much better for your health. 

Do not come into contact with paint 

The paint contains a lot of chemicals, so when it evaporates, it can easily enter the respiratory tract, causing mothers to feel uncomfortable, nauseous, and vomiting, causing negative effects on their health, and making pregnant mothers easily tired. 

Limit some foods that are not good for pregnant women and their fetuses 

Eating is the best way to provide adequate nutrition for both mother and baby. However, eating unscientifically not only does not ensure health but also slows down fetal development. 

Therefore, pregnant mothers should AVOID foods such as Malabar spinach, Laksa leaves, mugwort, longan, pineapple, green papaya, bitter melon, seafood, raw foods, and hot spicy foods… 

Limit vigorous exercise throughout pregnancy 

Pregnant mothers should not exercise vigorously or excessively because they can cause stress for the baby. In addition, vigorous exercise can also increase the risk of miscarriage or premature birth, which is not good for pregnancy. 

Do not lift heavy objects while pregnant 

Carrying too much weight during pregnancy is also something that should be avoided by pregnant mothers. The consequences of carrying heavy loads often make pregnant mothers feel short of breath, tired, have muscle pain or the worst can be a miscarriage,… 

Don’t eat a lot of sugar 

When pregnant mothers eat too much sugar, they are susceptible to gestational diabetes, hypertension, preeclampsia, fetal malnutrition, etc. Therefore, pregnant mothers should regularly check blood sugar levels throughout pregnancy.

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Above are 15 things you can t do while pregnant that women need to avoid that Koolteee shares. Abstinence during this period is very important, so pregnant mothers should consult it, as well as combine it with regular check-ups to have a successful pregnancy.