6 Extremely Exciting St Patrick’s Day Activities For You

6 Extremely Exciting St Patrick's Day Activities For You

St. Patrick’s Day, March 17, is the most important celebration for the Irish people in the country and around the world. Throughout the holiday, there are several cultural St Patrick’s Day activities taking place not only in Ireland, but around the world. Tourists attending this particular event must not only be stunned by the blue color, but also immersed in fascinating and lively St Patrick’s Day activities.

1. The story of this holiday

Saint Patrick, real name Patricius Magonus Sucatus, was born around 389 into an English-Roman family. He was enslaved by pirates at the age of 16 while living in Wales and sold to an Irish landowner. He fled six years later and began his Religious career by studying for 12 years. In 417, Saint Patrick was consecrated a priest by the Pope and sent to Ireland to evangelize and convert the Irish.

Saint Patrick is the subject of numerous folklore. Patrick, for example, has the capacity to bring the dead back to life. The most famous Saint Patrick legend is that he preached on top of a hill and cast a Christian curse on all venomous snakes, leading them to be driven out of Ireland and drown at sea. The serpent might be seen as a symbol for the heretics who were expelled from Ireland by Saint Patrick.

2. The shamrock is a sign of hope and wish fulfillment

It is reported that in the fifth century, he used the shamrock clover growing in Ireland to convey the doctrine of “The Trinity” in Christianity to the people. Throughout his sermons, he utilized this image to explain how the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit could exist as independent, equal portions of the same Godhead. 

To this day, on St Patrick’s Day, the Irish population often wears green clothing in the shape of a shamrock. It is considered as one of the St Patrick’s Day activities to remember this legend. This shamrock has also come to symbolize Ireland’s faith, hope, and progress.

According to mythology, everything on the streets and street corners appears to be dyed blue on the day of the celebration with many St Patrick’s Day activities . Everyone, from people to things to food, dressed in green. Some people even use clover to decorate their faces, clothes, and objects, while others choose a mischievous elf hat or dye a river green. To mark the event, memorials and even the ski slope change its color.

3. St Patrick’s Day activities you shouldn’t miss

On the largest cultural event, the people of Ireland stop working and enjoy the festival’s exuberant mood together. Offices, schools, and other institutions are closed to ensure that no one misses out on this significant national holiday. Around the seventeenth century, Saint Patrick’s Day was officially acknowledged as a national holiday, and it subsequently became a representative celebration of Irish populations worldwide. There are so many fun St Patrick’s Day activities which you can enjoy and join with everyone.

3.1. Participate in amazing parades

The New York City St. Patrick’s Parade is the world’s largest and oldest celebration commemorating St. Patrick’s Day. This massive parade, which begins at 11 a.m. and lasts until roughly 5 p.m. The procession is handled entirely by volunteers and attracts approximately 150,000 participants each year. This long-running parade attracts approximately 2 million spectators. It is without a doubt one of the largest St Patrick’s Day parades in the United States.

The St. Patrick’s Day Parade is one of the largest in the world! That’s not bad for a town of less than 200,000 people. Savannah, Georgia is lovely, and the Spanish moss hanging from the trees adds a magical touch to the parade. Over 300,000 spectators flock to the city to watch the parade and enjoy the festivities. Open-air parties with live music and delicious food are held on River Street and in the City Market. Alcohol can be carried throughout the Historic District, so let the party begin.

3.2. Shamrock shake game

If you’re planning a St. Patrick’s Day party, we have a shamrock shake game. It is one of the greatest St Patrick’s Day activities for adults that makes your friends laugh on this day. Tie long strings or pantyhose to empty tissue boxes that have been painted green for the occasion. Fill each tissue box with an equal number of ping-pong balls or different types of treats. Tie the filled boxes around the waists of your guests and have them shake their groove thang until all of the treats are gone. Compete against two friends to see who can shake all of their treats out of the box first.

3.3. Hot potato drinking

This is one of the most amazing games among St Patrick’s Day activities. Each player will need a potato, Irish Whiskey or Guinness, and a shot glass. Fill your guests’ shot glasses with their preferred beverage and form a circle around one person holding the potato.

Play some Irish music and have the person in the center pass the potato to another participant in the circle. The potato should be passed from one player to the next for as long as the music is playing. After the music ends, whoever holds the potato must take their shot and step out of the circle. The game continues until only one person remains, at which point the winner receives the corned beef meal.

3.4. Gold coin toss game

Get a few packages of those gold foil-wrapped chocolate coins from the dollar shop. Get two or more leprechaun hats or, even better, cauldrons while you’re there. Set up the hats or cauldrons a few yards apart in the front lawn at home.

Split your guests into two groups and have them try to pitch coins into the hat or cauldron of the opposing team. If the coins are of varying sizes, each coin may be worth a variable number of points. Alternatively, you can place many cauldrons or caps, each earning a different number of points. The more “cheer” consumed, the more difficult the coin toss will become. This is one of the best St Patrick’s Day activities can play with your friends.

3.5. Alphabet identification game

One of the st patrick’s day activities for preschoolers you should do for your children.This activity includes both upper and lower case versions in black and white or color. Students will draw a card, identify the letter, and record it on their recording sheet. This activity also contains two recording sheets, one for uppercase letters and one for lowercase letters, and may be found in the printables area of the St. Patrick’s Day Reading Packet.

3.6. Printable emergent reader

This is one of the funny St Patrick’s Day activities for kids. This book’s predictable writing is intended to help your emerging readers. Use this book to reinforce print basics such as words being separated by spaces, reading from left to right and top to bottom, written words matching spoken words, popular sight words, and more. This simple emergent reader is available in both black & white and color in the St. Patrick’s Day Reading Packet, which may be found in the printables area.

4. The color green may be seen all across the streets

The phrase “wearing of the green” became quite famous in the Irish language, symbolizing the Irish spirit. “Irish green” and shamrock occur in all St Patrick’s Day activities and have become a traditional and Irish cultural component of St Patrick’s Day around the world.

Green also denotes national love or religious views for the Irish, from old women wearing green shawls and badges to girls wearing green tresses to tiny boys and girls wearing green. The adorable clothing is also green. The Irish used to wear green because they believed it rendered them invisible to Leprechaun trolls; anyone caught by Leprechaun would be pinched in anguish. You can take a look for some signature items of the holiday below from Koolteee.com:

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5. This occasion is celebrated all across the world with many St Patrick’s Day activities

Nowadays, there is a large Irish diaspora in many countries throughout the world, including the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Belgium, Russia, and Japan. This holiday is celebrated by everyone with a lot of exciting St Patrick’s Day activities. Every year on March 17, millions of people throng Fifth Avenue in New York, the Schuman district in Belgium, or Trafalgar Square in London to watch the procession. In Chicago, the entire Chicago River is a stunning emerald green. St Patrick’s Day in Japan also turned the entire district of Harajuku, Tokyo, green with a parade and loud band.

6. Conclusion

On this holiday, you must not only be captivated by the color blue, but also involved in interesting and bright St Patrick’s Day activities. Let’s look forward to this special festival together.