6 Most Important Things When Visiting Hawaii Island

6 Most Important Things When Visiting Hawaii Island

Hawaii is famed for its clean air, stunning natural landscape, green beaches, and various unique adventures. Hawaii is a very special and gorgeous pearl island in the United States. So, what should you pack if you’re going to Hawaii? Please keep in mind these useful experiences on a trip to Hawaii island in this article!

1. Interesting things

  • Hula dancing: The hula dance originated in Hawaii. This is both a joyful and solemn dance. Historically, this dance was frequently employed in religious activities. The Hula dance is now utilized to greet tourists.
  • Diverse marine life: When you visit Hawaii island, you will be able to see over 7,000 marine species, including 1,400 different types of seals. This is the sort of seal that can only be seen on Hawaii island. Whales put on stunning displays in the winter, while dolphins can be seen swimming in the archipelago’s waters all year.
  • Popular industry: Sandalwood and whale are two significant items that assist Hawaii’s economy flourish.

2. Transportations on Hawaii island

Honolulu Airport is Hawaii’s primary airport, handling most visitors’ immigration formalities. On Oahu, there are approximately 23 domestic carriers and 16 international carriers that serve visitors. As a result, visitors to Hawaii might come from all over the world. There are direct flights from central Hawaii to Maui, Kauai, and the Big Island, but you must usually transit through Oahu to reach the other islands.

When you move to Hawaii, you have exactly two choices. That is equivalent to taking a taxi or a bus. Most visitors will choose to go by bus because it is convenient, cool, and inexpensive.

Local buses and tourist buses are the two types of buses available here. Buses on Hawaii island do not have closed doors, which is incredibly cool. You can select to buy a line card based on how long you plan to remain on the island.

3. Many beautiful spots on Hawaii island

Hanauma Bay National Park

The natural area was also produced within the crater. Long-time snorkelers and divers flock here. Coming here, you may witness innumerable coral reefs of breathtaking beauty. This is truly the best place to visit in Hawaii. 

Pearl Harbor

This is the largest seaport in Hawaii. If you’re wondering why it’s called Pearl, it’s because this is the location with the most pearls on the island. That is why the port has been named Pearl Harbor. It is now a National Historic Site, with over 2 million tourists each year. You can check out some Hawaii items from Koolteee to make the trip more colorful:

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Na Pali Coast Park

This park is the owner of the Na Pali coast, which is one of the most beautiful sites on the earth. There are also many of the world’s most magnificent natural attractions. If you’ve seen the movie Jurassic Park, you’ll remember the highly amazing wavy cliffs that occur in several sequences.

Furthermore, it is considered as the Hawaiian Royal Family home. As a result, this is a land rich in culture and history. Along with it, there is a thriving and diversified flora and fauna ecosystem that will astound you.

4. Amazing activities in Hawaii island


Hawaii island is well-known for having some of the best surfing destinations in the world. Professional surf instructors give exercises to groups of students or individuals at the resorts on Oahu, the Big Island, and Maui island, as well as many other hotels on the islands. The best surf areas in Hawaii change with the seasons and the direction of the wind.

Some of the beaches north of Oahu are ideal for surfing in the winter, hence the beaches here are crowded in the winter. Storms on the island produce enormous, difficult waves.

Professional surfers travel to the south shore, where Waikiki and Diamond Head beaches are located, from May to October.


It has 101 golf holes where many spectacular golf matches and golf tournaments take place. Every year, millions of people from all over the world visit Hawaii island to play golf, participate on golf tours, and compete in golf tournaments.

In Hawaii, golf courses are developed among lush tropical jungles. It is unlike any other golf course in the United States, with dry lava flowing the black color of licorice roots.

The golf facility’s architecture is also distinctive, ranging from green golf courses with the rough appearance of volcanic lava to perilous golf courses overlooking the stunning coastline. Golf courses may be found on most of Hawaii’s six islands, although Honolulu, Kailua Kona, and Ewa Beach are home to several of the top ten Hawaii golf courses.

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The majority of Hawaii is made up of five volcanoes, each with a unique shape, most of which protrude into the shape of a long round club with a minor slope. Volcanic eruptions are one of Hawaii’s most stunning views.

Hawaii volcanoes national park is a site where visitors may learn about the history of volcanoes, the active schedule of volcanoes, and where visitors can rest at hotels and resorts near the volcano.

Kilauea, one of the most active mountains, demonstrates how Hawaii was formed and offers visitors a close-up glimpse of volcanic outbursts.

5. Famous food in Hawaii

Plates lunch

On Hawaii island, the most popular traditional fast foods may be found everywhere on the street. The traditional Hawaiian Plates Lunch, which consists of rice, pork, veggies, or salad, is the favorite lunch of the Aboriginal people in Hawaii.


Furikake, a blend of ground dried fish, sesame, seaweed, sugar, salt, and spices, is also available, as are mochi, dumplings composed of Japanese and Chinese rice flour mixed with corn.

When visiting Hawaii, you must try the famed sweets haupia and luaus, which are chocolate-covered pies. The “li hing mui” accessible at snack shops will also pique your interest. You may also get seeded and seedless plums, as well as powdered candy in the shape of worms and bears, here.


If you visit Hawaii island, you must try this delicacy. The first people to set foot on this island made this dish. Taro, in instance, is a staple meal of Hawaii. As a result, it has a distinct flavor of this country.

After a few days, poi cake can be eaten with salted fish or fish roe. Poi chua can also be used to make bread by the locals. Although natives believe poi to be a delightful dish, some tourists to Hawaii are not very fond of this dish.

6. In what season is the weather in Hawaii the best?

From April to October is the greatest season to visit Hawaii island. The weather in Hawaii is cool and breezy during the summer and autumn seasons. This island is ideal for you to visit and enjoy yourself.


All of the Hawaii travel experiences that we want to share with you are listed above. We wish you a fantastic visit to Hawaii island with many unforgettable memories!