Amherst school bus driver Jackie Miller video has gone viral, raising over $61,000 fund

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AMHERST, Ohio — Jackie Miller, who once worked as a school bus driver in Amherst, Massachusetts, has become the topic of news stories on a national scale as a result of a video that went viral on social media and showed her using profanity while yelling at pupils.

1. Jackie Miller said she was sorry for her reaction but that she wouldn’t change it

After yelling at children who sprayed perfume on her school bus in Ohio with the goal of causing her to have an asthma attack, Jackie Miller- Ohio school bus driver gave up and quit in disgust.

Jackie Miller was videotaped ordering the accused adolescent bullies in the town of Amherst, where she had worked for the previous two years, to “shut your mouth,” and she ultimately exclaimed, “I’m done with this s**t!” after the incident was captured on camera.

The driver of 15 years decided to quit after the incident that occurred last week, throwing up her hands in what she told local outlets was incessantly bad behavior from a specific group of students on her line, who she claims bullied her out of a job. The driver’s resignation came after the incident that occurred last week.

Jackie Miller became an unusual hero as the video received millions of views, and as a result, a large number of people rushed to her defense for what they saw to be a reasonable response to a potentially harmful circumstance. A GoFundMe page has been established in her honor, and a local shop has begun selling t-shirts bearing her now-famous irritated proclamation, donating the earnings to organizations that assist school bus drivers.

Jackie Miller subsequently said that although she was sorry about what happened, she would not change anything about it and that she believed the way she acted in the situation was appropriate.

Jackie Miller
Jackie Miller

2. Jackie Miller stated the children had harassed her for two years and caused an asthma attack a month before

Jackie Miller could be seen in the video rushing down the aisle of her bus in an angry manner after a fellow passenger informed her that someone had sprayed perfume on her.

‘How much more do you expect me to f*****g take?’ Jackie Miller yelled, then demanded to know which student had done it.

All the students denied to spray anything, but Miller insisted she could ‘freaking smell it.’

‘I’m sick of you, I’m done with it,’ she said, pointing out individual students. ‘I’m gonna start f*****g kicking some serious a**.

‘Do you hear me?’ she yelled. ‘My foot’s gonna be so far up your a** it’s gonna dangle out your f*****g nose.’

As the kids kept denying they’d sprayed perfume, Miller insisted she could smell it, saying: ‘I’m allergic to that s**t.

‘I ought to walk off this bus right now and let you people walk the f**k home,’ she said.

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Miller subsequently justified her actions, despite the intensity of her response, by telling that the same group of teenagers had purposefully sprayed perfume on the bus a month before, causing her to have a terrible asthma attack as a result. Miller’s reaction had been far more severe then.

‘She sprayed perfume on the bus and I had a bad asthma attack,’ she added.

“I had no choice but to pull over, retrieve my inhaler, and make an effort to clear some space in my lungs.” I instructed all of the children to open all of the windows since they are aware of this.

Miller claimed that the kids in question had been purposefully trying to provoke her for a number of years, and that the second time the perfume was sprayed following the initial incident, she had reached her breaking point.

She expressed her regret, saying, “I’m sincerely sorry for how things turned out.” I do sorry for my behavior, but I can’t undo what I’ve done.

‘This is a predicament of all bus drivers, we are treated in the worst conceivable meaning of the term,’ she continued. “We are treated with such a complete disregard for our dignity.”

The superintendent of schools in Amherst disclosed that disciplinary action had been taken against kids as a result of the event.


After watching the video, the proprietor of a local clothing boutique called Main Street Threads, Jacqui Adkins, claimed that she felt bad for Miller and wanted to manufacture some t-shirts in her honor to show her support.

When it came down to it, we all kind of just felt bad for her at that point. According to what she stated, “our hearts just went out for her because we’ve all had terrible days, we’ve all gone through tragedies, and our hearts just went out for her.”