BLACKPINK Tour With 7 Amazing Factors Make The Unique

7 Amazing Factors That Make The BLACKPINK Tour Unique

After more than two years away, the girl trio has made a strong comeback on the music scene. The BLACKPINK World Tour named BORN PINK provides an opportunity for the group to interact with fans and perform hit songs. BLACKPINK tour with a string of undeniable tracks solidifies BLACKPINK’s position in the K-Pop business in particular and the music industry in general. Many stunning stages were brought by the four females, attracting millions of spectators.

1. Stunning beauty, one of the most attractive reasons in Blackpink tour

Despite the conflicting reactions, BLACKPINK tour still has many positive aspects, particularly their attractiveness. Fans who attended the BLACKPINK concert were impressed as the girls’ status grew over time. The audience became increasingly interested in them as a girl ensemble with no visible “holes” through images taken with regular cameras.

Lisa’s “living doll” visual is memorable. The female idol, while being barely 1m67 tall, has a golden physique and lengthy legs. Rosé’s increasingly appealing aura astounded lovers. Her beauty is accentuated by her white complexion and ant waistline.

Jennie did not disappoint her followers by continuously flaunting her gorgeous body. Jisoo, in particular, is the most promising member when it comes to overcoming her physical flaws. The “bread” waistline has given way to toned number 11 abs.

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2. Amazing clothes of each member

Aside from the spectacular visuals, the costumes add to the uniqueness of the BLACKPINK tour. Throughout the tour, the girl group changed a lot of clothing. The four females demonstrated their class by wearing pricey branded clothing to recent concerts in the West. The designs, in particular, are distinctive and inspire interest from attendees.

3. Impressive performances to make the BLACKPINK tour more successful

Although the song list has not altered, BLACKPINK has made them more modern. The dance break alleviates boredom throughout the performance. BLACKPINK’s solo performance is regarded as excellent. There are many fascinating things extremely captive the audiences, including:

  • The hits of BLACKPINK have been choreographed with new choreography.
  • Lisa’s dance break infected everyone with her smooth and gorgeous motions.
  • Jennie and the dancer have a lovely collaboration.
  • Jisoo’ stage is very hot with the song that is trending around the world named “Flower”
  • Rosé’s wonderful voice and ecstatic moments.
  • Amusing moments and pranks provide enjoyment for the audience in the BLACKPINK tour.

Notably, the concerts held during the globe tour inside the scope of music festivals such as Coachella and Hyde Park BST can also be regarded as “unofficial” concerts because the girls provided a pretty complete set of performances, even with their own arrangements and remixes.

4. The most successful girl group tour of all time

According to Touring Data, a tour income data unit, BORN PINK Tour took in 78.5 million USD at the end of April, with 366,248 tickets sold for only the first 26 gigs. Despite just including the earnings from 26 gigs, BLACKPINK became the girl group with the biggest tour revenue of all time with the BORN PINK World Tour. The previous record was set by the Spice Girls’ 2019 Spice World Tour ($78.2 million).

5. BLACKPINK tour tickets are easily sold-out wherever

BLACKPINK has visited numerous major cities on every continent since the beginning of the tour. The majority of the BLACKPINK tour is completely sold out and not cheap, beginning with two nights at Seoul’s KSPO Dome. The first two nights were widely criticized because the organizer chose a venue that was too tiny for the size of the group.

The tour’s scale is also steadily expanding, with the first stages in North America and Europe taking place at venues with fewer than 20,000 seats before the end of 2022. BLACKPINK tour comes to Asia in the new year of 2023, primarily performing at national stadiums with tens of thousands of people, creating an incredibly amazing BLACKPINK tour with “pink seas.”

6. The first girl group tour to earn more than $100 million USD in revenue

After calculating the earnings from the first 33 gigs, BLACKPINK became the first girl group in history to achieve a tour revenue of more than $100 million USD. This helps them to solidify and maintain the gap on their series of records.

This unit has registered sales from 44/64 events and sold 1,078,963 tickets, bringing total income to more than 186.6 million USD, according to Touring Data, which was last updated on July 11. This also contributes to BLACKPINK becoming the first Asian female singer group to sell over one million concert tickets.

7. A group’s highest one-night concert revenue

In terms of the group’s own accomplishments, the BORN PINK Tour’s highest-grossing music night belonged to the show at Foro Sol Stadium (Mexico City), which brought in $ 9,989 million in revenue with 56,749 people attending just for one night. This is also the most money a group has ever made from a single concert night. BTS held the previous record with a number of 9 million USD each night.

In terms of attendance, the concert at Bukit Jalil Stadium (Kuala Lumpur) with 62,642 spectators (generating $9,130,608 USD) became BLACKPINK’s most attended concert ever. This figure is extremely likely to alter when BLACKPINK performs in the near future at huge stadiums that have marked the sales of many foreign acts, such as Stade de France (France), MetLife (USA), etc.

8. Who is BLACKPINK?

BLACKPINK is a name that is no longer unfamiliar to audiences worldwide. Jisoo, Lisa, Rosé, and Jennie make up this Korean girl quintet. Kill this love, How you like that, Boombayah, and more songs of the group have gotten billions of views on YouTube.

BLACKPINK members are frequently recognized for their looks, which has contributed to their enormous popularity. Each member has her own distinct style and charm, and they appeal to a diverse spectrum of viewers worldwide. Aside from their appearance, their talent, charisma, and hard work have all contributed to their success. If you are a fan of BLACKPINK, you should not miss these items below form Koolteee:

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BLACKPINK tour 2023 drew a massive crowd to both observe and participate. Despite the fact that they face a lot of conflicting perspectives, the girls have a lot of advantages. BLACKPINK’s allure has grown over the course of her active career. When the BORN PINK World Tour concludes, it is not impossible to predict that BLACKPINK tour will earn a total revenue of 200-300 million USD, with total ticket sales ranging from 1.5 to 2 million tickets.