Checking Out 10 The Best Festivals In The US For You

Checking Out 10 The Best Festivals In The US

Many large and minor festivals are hosted in the United States each year. There are numerous well-known festivals all throughout the world. People will be able to boost their confidence and make new friends by participating in these festivities. And the most intriguing festivals in the United States are those where culture emerges spontaneously and spontaneously. Discover the best festivals in the US by reading the article below to learn more about the country and its people.

1. Chitlin Strut

Chitlin Strut, one of the biggest festivals in the US, should not be missed. This is a yearly cultural event in Salley, South Carolina. The Chitlin Strut festival has been held for more than 50 years in commemoration of meals such as fried pork belly, a typical cuisine of people living in Carolina for the past hundred years. As a result, the list of best festivals in the US is unquestionably necessary for the Chitlin Strut event.

2. Trailing of the Sheep

The annual migration of sheep southward is celebrated in Ketchum (located east of Boise, Idaho). The Sunday sheep parade, which follows 1,500 sheep down Ketchum’s main street, is the major event. Visitors can also witness the sheepdog competition, eat grilled lamb, and listen to music from sheep-producing countries such as Peru, Poland, and the Basque Country. 

Children will love learning about the production of soap and wool, as well as creating their own Christmas crafts. It’s considered as one of the best festivals in the US you should go if you have freetime.

3. Mash festival in Barnesville

The Mashed festival (the mashed potato festival) is a relatively “weird and fun” gathering that many people will like.The annual Barnesville Mashed Potato Festival gathers over 16,000 potato lovers who participate in over 40 unique festival events such as wrestling in a mashed potato, potato peeling contest, shape on mashed potatoes, mashed potato eating contest, and so on. It’s actually put in your best festivals in the US list.

4. Fire Ant festival

Marshall, Texas, is about 2 hours east of Dallas and home of the most peculiar ants and spark plug-ugi music. Locals celebrate both of these “specialties” with an annual festival that includes performing arts, live music, and even a Fire Ant 5K fire ant race with players dressed in prejudiced costumes. Within the context of the festival, a dance competition for youngsters was also held. It’s truly one of the top festivals in the US for you.

5. Hawaii’s Aloha Festivals, one of the best festival in the US for you and your family

Hawaii, a major tourism location, is no stranger to magnificent events for both inhabitants and visitors. The Aloha Festivals are the only statewide cultural events dedicated to the preservation of Hawaiian culture and tradition. The celebration was established in 1946 as a way for the Hawaiian people to consolidate their identity, increase their self-esteem, and embody their joy in being Hawaiian.

The activities include the Royal Court Presentation, Floral Parade, and Ho’olaule’a. All of these lovely events and parades are well worth witnessing only to get a feel of the multicultural Hawaiian identity. That is why it is considered one of the top festivals in the US. You can take a look at these Hawaii items below from Koolteee:

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6. Oregon Shakespeare festival, Oregon

Do you enjoy the arts? If so, the Oregon Shakespeare Festival is the place to go to see world-class performance, outstanding production value, and spectacular costuming. Offering 5 to 11 plays in both morning and evening events. The Festival has attracted over 20 million visitors and showcases works by a number of well-known artists.

This famous festival has grown from a three-day event in 1935 to a nationally recognized theater arts organization that offers great plays, both old and contemporary, practically year-round. It’s pure enchantment, and if you’re looking for one of America’s most significant cultural events, look no farther than Ashland, Oregon. It is one of the best festivals in the US for ones who have passion for art.

7. Independence Day

Every year on July 4th, the United States celebrates its independence. This is also one of the most important holidays of the year for the people who live here. On this holiday, large cities will host parades, outdoor festivals, and government welcoming festivities. There will be spectacular fireworks displays and speeches commemorating America’s heritage. People will congregate to eat, drink, play, and socialize. Philadelphia and Boston are the two cities that commemorate the most important independence days. You absolutely join this one of best festivals in the US.

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8. Coachella

The biggest music festival in the US, and possibly the world. This is an annual event hosted in Indio, California on a vast polo field. The festival can last anywhere from 3 to 5 days and attracts many of America’s most prominent bands and performers. The most popular music genres here are hip hop, soul, and country music, but the main draw for visitors is rock music and vivid dances. Visitors can join in Coachella musical events or view the artists’ extensive and sophisticated art installations. One of the best festivals in the US for you to relax with your friends.

9. Balloon Fiesta 

For colorful hot air balloon fans who miss out on participating in the annual international hot air balloon festival in October. This is the ideal time to appreciate the unusual hot air balloons flying in the Rio Grande Valley under a clear blue sky.

750 hot air balloons will flood the sky with their massive size and sheer number. The contest and hot air balloon celebration will begin at daybreak in daybreak Patrol and last until late afternoon in Glowdeo paradise. This is one of the best festivals in the US you should participate in.

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10. Warrens Blueberry Festival

Thousands of people go to the Warrens to participate in the celebration, which is held during the nine-tree blueberry festival. Here, you may take part in music and dance activities to celebrate a bountiful harvest of blueberries, as well as eat fresh blueberries. It’s really one of the best festivals in the US for people who love blueberry.


Every country in the world, including America, will have its own traditional cultural festivals. At these best festivals in the US mentioned above, you can have fun, explore, and learn about the cultural elements associated with specific traditional holidays here.