Mother day shirt & 10 ways to make unique handmade mother’s day gifts

Mother day t shirt

Besides choosing available items like Mother day shirt, you can make your own unique and meaningful Mother’s Day gift for your mother or lover, such as a number, or a handmade hat…

So, in this article, let’s join Koolteee to learn about meaningful mother’s day gifts for your beloved women.

mother day shirt
Mother day shirt & 10 ways to make unique handmade mother's day gifts

10 ways to Make Unique Handmade Mother’s Day Gifts

1 Bouquet of daisies

Possessing white petals that create a feeling of purity and nobility, daisies are a suitable gift for the woman you love on the occasion of October 20. Instead of buying flower bouquets from outside, you can choose to make your own to express your heart.

To make a bunch of daisies, you will need materials such as crepe paper, wool, thread, wax tape and zinc, then follow these steps:

  • Use wool to wrap it into a roll and secure it with the tip of a wire to make a pistil.
  • Use green wax tape to roll under the tip of the wire, then use tissue paper to make a petal shape, and then stick it around the pistil for the most realistic look.
  • The green wax tape makes the sepals and sticks underneath the petals.

2 Corsage flowers from ribbon

This is a suitable gift for women who often attend luxurious and serious parties. Flowers made from ribbon are simple to make, you just need to concentrate and be a little meticulous and you will have a lovely gift right away.

  • Cut the ribbon into flower petals, and heat them with a candle so that the edges of the petals do not have excess thread.
  • Attach the petals together using a glue gun.
  • Attach a pin to the back.

3 Handmade notebook

If the woman you love is someone who has to regularly take notes, store work or simply loves writing, then a handmade notebook is a very meaningful Mother’s gift. Based on the recipient’s preferences, you can choose the size, paper material, cover color,…

  • Fold the paper in half, smooth it lightly, then do the same with the other sheets of paper until you have the desired amount.
  • Use a needle and thread to sew the papers together.
  • Use cardboard wrapped in patterned fabric on the outside to make a notebook cover.
  • Attach the notebook to the cover with glue.

4 Bucket hat

A lovely fashion accessory like a bucket hat is also a great gift on October 20. You should choose the appropriate style, color, and material for the person receiving the gift. In addition, you can make your own handmade bucket hats to give to your women.

5 Heart ring from copper wire

Dedicating your engagement to your love on Mother’s Day with a homemade heart ring is not a bad idea at all. Find simple materials such as copper wire, round tubes for bending wire, metal wire and follow these steps:

  • Use pliers to bend the copper wire in a spiral shape with 2 circles placed next to each other.
  • Fold the copper wire up shape it into half a heart and do the same with the other side.
  • Flip the copper wire over and do the same as in step 2.
  • Measure the length of your finger, subtract 3cm, and then cut off the excess
  • Wrap the wire around the round tube to create a ring shape and then thread the excess copper wire onto the heart shape. Fold back, securing the ring.

6 Wall paintings

Wall paintings will help enliven the living space and make the recipient look at it and remember you. The main materials are canvas frames, acrylic colors, and drawing tools. Then, sketch the image you want to draw on the canvas and start drawing!

7 Cloud night light

Send beautiful dreams to the person you love through a lovely, floating cloud night light. With cotton balls, string lights, light bulbs, glue guns, and candle glue, you can make your own super cute cloud night lights.

8 Dried perfume

Another gift on this list can be dried perfume. Convenient, compact, easy to carry, and long-lasting scent are the advantages of this gift. On the occasion of Mother’s day, you can also make your own dried perfume with wishes for the person you love.

9 Braided bracelet

It is one of women’s favorite accessories, especially suitable for giving to a lover with the promise of lifelong commitment. It will be even more meaningful if this bracelet is made by yourself.

  • Find sedge strings and beads in the gift recipient’s favorite color.
  • Minus the first 7 – 10cm, then tie a knot and then secure the end of the rope.
  • Use string 1 to thread underneath string 2 and then create a circle across string 2. Use the second string to the thread below, bring it through the circle, and then pull both strings. Repeat the above step to the appropriate length.
  • Untie the knot in step 1, then use a piece of string about 15cm long as a tie.

10 Nama Chocolate

For chocolate lovers, nama chocolate is an extremely suitable gift. You can buy it at bakeries, and supermarkets or show off your cooking skills as a gift for your woman. Just prepare ingredients such as whipping cream, dark chocolate, milk chocolate, unsalted butter, cocoa powder, wax paper, and mold.

Then follow these steps:

  • Cut into chocolate pieces.
  • Heat whipping cream until gently boiling.
  • Mix chocolate with whipping cream.
  • Chilled.
  • Cut chocolate.
  • Roll in cocoa powder.
Mother day shirt
Mother day shirt & 10 ways to make unique handmade mother's day gifts

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Above is an article about 10 ways to make your own Mother’s Day gifts and mothers t shirts for her. Hopefully, through this, you will make your own meaningful gifts for the people you love.