Fantastic Billie Eilish Songs You Should Absolutely Listen

Fantastic Billie Eilish Songs You Should Absolutely Listen On Freetime

Billie Eilish, a singer with the special color of world music that makes a strong impression on many fans overseas. We will recommend a playlist of Billie Eilish songs not to be missed, if you are curious about the name Billie Eilish but have not had the opportunity to enjoy the music of this multi-talented girl. Maybe after listening to the best Billie Eilish songs below, you will become a big fan of this young female singer!

1. COPYCAT, one of the coolest Billie Eilish songs

It’s difficult to begin this list without mentioning the song COPYCAT, which established Billie Eilish’s name in the global music market. COPYCAT is the first song you should listen to if you want to learn about Billie Eilish. It has somewhat slanted words that are ideal for the youthful public’s taste and is accompanied with fantastic music. With teenage lyrics, this is one of the Billie Eilish songs refers to fraudulent people who exist by imitating others.

2. Idontwanttobeyouanymore, a song for those who despise themselves

If COPYCAT is about impersonating others, then idontwanttobeyouanymore is the polar opposite. This song addresses the problem of a segment of today’s youth who despise themselves to the point of looking in the mirror and telling their reflection that they no longer want them. Billie Eilish’s distinctive song is another one not to be missed. Billie’s well-known dark tune, and as a result, young teenagers enjoy it as their favorite Billie Eilish songs.

3. Happier Than Ever, the album describes the arduous struggle of growing up

Happier Than Ever by Billie Eilish writes and sings about the lonely, fearful experience of becoming a pop celebrity. With 16 tracks arranged like a journal on the journey of growing up, the CD belongs to the alternative genre. The lyrics examine Billie Eilish’s psychological suffering, the cost of celebrity, and her love story. There are some cool Billie Eilish songs in there that you should listen to.

Happier Than Ever was released at a time when the world was consumed by the battle to remove Britney Spears’ guardianship. Fans may plainly detect the resemblance between Spears and Eilish when they were teenagers as a result of this.

Happier Than Ever has a slower, more meditative beat. Billie Eilish explores a variety of musical genres and singing techniques, challenging herself with tracks that aren’t immediately memorable to picky listeners. Her brother Finneas O’Connell helped her write and produce all of the tracks. Throughout the recording process, the pair was continually experimenting with different sounds. The simple instrumental style of the first album is retained, but the music incorporates genres to add color. If you are a fan of Billie Eilish, take a look at these items below from

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3.1. Getting older

Billie sees herself “growing old” in this song. The heavy shoulders, the things she did for love, had suddenly become a job. Billie believes that as a celebrity, everything is different when there is always a stranger waiting at the door.

3.2. Overheated

OverHeated recreates the paparazzi stalking situation. This is one of the Billie Eilish songs which expresses her feelings when she is unexpectedly approached by paparazzi. They chuckled when she spoke up and began taking pictures incessantly. “I’m not sure how it happened,” the singer admitted. She departed in silence, but her emotions were like a “superheated” fire inside.

3.3. My future

The ballad My Future, Billie began to have reservations about her later years, despite having practically all of them by the age of 19. The singer regarded “future” as a friend and began conversing with him. She sang as if no one could understand her emotions. It’s also one of the most fantastic Billie Eilish songs.

3.4. Everybody dies

Everybody Dies is the apex of despair. Heavy, somber music. The lyrics are full of existentialism. The dead are gone, and the living are lying to one another. Everyone left one by one, leaving me alone. Seeing the souls go away, Billie wondered when her turn would come.

3.5. Your power

The concept of Your Power is skilfully intertwined in “Your Power”, one of the Billie Eilish songs that was released as a single. The ballad is just acoustically combined with the main guitar. The lyrics are fragmented and describe how women feel when they are ruled by men.

Millions of admirers of the 20-year-old female artist, many of whom are the same age or younger than Eilish, sympathize with the song Your power. Because Eilish represents the teen’s yearning to be heard, recognized, and understood for their sentiments of bewilderment, despair, heartache, and confusion, rather than being rejected.

4. Bellyache (Marian Hill Remix), a welcome relaxation after a long day

If you want to compose music to dance to, this is the song for you. Many fashion shows across the world have picked Marian Hill’s Bellyache remix as the catwalk music because the beat is excellent for the model to follow.

Although it is ranked lower than the original, if you need music to let you fly to the beat, this remix is a good choice. If you listen to this music after a long day at work, you will feel instantly revitalized.

5. Ocean eyes, her debut song

Billie Eilish began writing this song at the age of 13 and published the music video on YouTube at the age of 14, when most people were still concerned about finishing high school. The song Ocean Eyes had tens of millions of streams on online music apps as of July 2018.

Since he began composing and singing at a young age. Billie Eilish has become a driving force for young people to improve themselves. Hence, it is not difficult to comprehend when Billie Eilish is placed in the top 21 most important people under the age of 21 in the world.

6. Party Favor, the ideal way to say goodbye to your lover

Continuing to be common subjects in young people’s daily lives, the song Party Favor expresses how to say farewell to an obnoxious guy. On his birthday, the song is shown from the corner of a female who calls her sweetheart and sings goodbye to him. What better way to say goodbye to this gang of lovers?

No more electronic beats like in the previous songs; instead, this song features a calm guitar sound that is melancholy. Nothing hurts more than calling your beloved on their birthday and saying goodbye. This is also one of the most amazing Billie Eillish songs.


It’s difficult to choose which Billie Eilish songs to listen to the most because each one appears to be fantastic. Perhaps, all Billie Eilish songs will achieve high ranks on Billboard’s charts in the future.