Best beach packing list for this summer

beach packing list

With every beach trip, besides the worries and excitement, luggage arrangement is very important. So do you know what you need to prepare for going to the beach? Right here, Koolteee will suggest a beach packing list for any beach trip

beach packing list
Best beach packing list for this summer

1. What beach packing list that adults need to prepare for going to the beach?

1.1 Beach attire

Beach fashion is one of the extremely important factors, especially for girls. Preparing beautiful and suitable beach clothes not only helps you enhance your figure but also has outstanding photo shoots.

Bikini/Swimwear – Things you need for the beach

For girls, depending on your body shape, you can choose the appropriate type of bikini. If you have a slightly skinny body, you can choose a long or one-piece bikini. On the contrary, for girls with a slightly chubby figure, a simple, dark bikini with a light flap at the waist or hips will be a suitable choice.

For guys who are wondering what to wear to the beach, they should choose waterproof shorts or comfortable, active clothing to play in the water.

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Whether male or female, preparing adequate underwear when traveling is extremely necessary. For more convenience, you can bring disposable underwear to ensure hygiene. In addition, bring a mesh bag so you can separately store fabric underwear or classify them. If you don’t know what to prepare for going to the beach, don’t miss this item on the beach packing list!

Types of accessories – Must haves for beach vacation

  • Glasses: There are two types of beach goggles: swimming goggles and UV-protective sunglasses. You should wear both types of glasses to protect your eyes from external influences.
  • Hats: Priority should be given to wide-brimmed hats for sun protection or straw hats.
  • Sandals: Cute beach sandals will help you coordinate your outfit more perfectly and completely. You should bring flip-flops, beach sandals or sedge sandals…

1.2 Skincare and body care products

beach packing list 2

Facial care products

  • Makeup remover and facial cleanser: These cleaning products will help you remove dirt from your skin after a long day of playing and moving.
  • Moisturize: Prioritize moisturizing creams/serums that are gentle and have the ability to restore sunburned skin.
  • Facial sunscreen: Sunscreen lines with SPF 50+++ or higher to ensure effective protection against UV and ultraviolet rays.
  • Special treatment products (if needed): Some special skin treatment products you often use such as acne cream, melasma, or freckles treatment…
  • Simple makeup set and brushes: Prepare a small bag to hold a basic and necessary makeup brush set to avoid losing items.

Hair care products

In case you do not want to use hotel or homestay shampoos, you should bring hair care products. Take a look at what you need to prepare for going to the beach, don’t miss it in the beach packing list!

  • Shampoo: You can bring shampoo in packet form for convenience.
  • Conditioner: Choose one from the same brand as the shampoo or one that can remove chlorine found in sea or pool salt.

Body care products

  • Body sunscreen: Prioritize bringing a convenient spray bottle with a large capacity and the ability to instantly cool the skin.
  • Mosquito spray: Always keep a small bottle of insect spray in your bag to protect against attacks from mosquitoes, larvae, or other larvae.
  • Shower gel: Most shower gel has a large capacity, you should put it into a small bottle if you do not want to carry a large, bulky bottle with a large weight.
  • Perfume: body mist and other gentle scented perfumes keep the body fragrant all day long. When traveling, avoid choosing perfumes with strong scents!

1.3 Personal items and medications

For the most convenient and complete trip, make sure you have brought all the necessary items when traveling to the beach. Don’t forget to neatly arrange personal items and medications in separate compartments so they don’t get mixed up.

Personal item

  • Pocket items and documents, cards,…
  • Oral care products, sanitary napkins, etc.
  • Small umbrella/umbrella


Many people often ignore the importance of preparing medicine when traveling. In fact, bringing medicine will help you overcome some emergencies that may occur during the trip. In addition, not in every tourist destination you can find a pharmacy or the medicine you need to buy.

Necessary electronic devices

  • Camera: Helps you capture valuable moments during your trip. Don’t forget to fully charge the battery!
  • Cord chargers/ power banks for phones/ cameras: Cord chargers and power banks should be kept in separate bags and stored in a dry place.
  • Waterproof phone bag: A waterproof bag with a waterproof zipper or neck/hand strap helps keep your phone “safe”.

2. Note before the departure date

  • Check your documents and belongings again: Your identification documents need to be kept in a separate compartment that is easy to see and easy to find so that you can present them immediately when necessary. Check your personal belongings to see if they are really complete or not.
  • Check the flight date and flight time on the ticket to see if there are any changes: If traveling by plane, please Check the airline tickets and the information on the ticket. This helps you arrange your schedule to get to the airport on time, avoiding confusion. Especially with electronic tickets.
  • Check your hotel room, and book an airport shuttle if necessary: ​​Besides checking your airline ticket information, identification documents, and necessary items, don’t skip checking your hotel room as well. Like reviewing the airport shuttle service!
  • Quality sleep to ensure health throughout the trip: To have a comfortable trip both mentally and physically, you should sleep early. This helps ensure your health and limit motion sickness when traveling long distances. 


With all the information in the article above, you probably already make a perfect beach packing list Preparing all the necessary items helps you feel secure to enjoy your journey most comfortably and completely! Wishing you a sea trip with many fun and interesting experiences with relatives, family, and friends.