Personalized Hawaiian shirts & 5 family-friendly resorts in the Maldives

personalized hawaiian shirts

5 family-friendly resorts with the best kids’ clubs in the Maldives. Maldives is often considered one of the most romantic and exclusive destinations for couples in the world. There’s a very good reason why the Maldives is the perfect family getaway. Let’s find out 5 best resorts in Maldives and some nice personalized Hawaiian shirts.

5 family-friendly resorts with the best kids’ clubs in the Maldives

personalized hawaiian shirts
Personalized Hawaiian shirts & 5 family-friendly resorts in the Maldives

1/ Soneva Fushi, the largest children’s club in South Asia

“The biggest highlight at Soneva Fushi is definitely The Den, the largest kids’ club in the Maldives and South Asia (as big as six tennis courts!).

But at Soneva Fushi, kids will love exploring the entire island, from lush gardens, and pristine white sand beaches to forests full of friendly bunnies! They’ll also enjoy exploring the night sky with the resort’s resident astronomer at the observatory or exploring the sea with a marine biologist.

Soneva Fushi offers a variety of accommodation options perfect for family holidays. Choose from beach and jungle cottages to overwater villas with one to nine bedrooms!

1/ Gili Lankanfushi Maldives, where the whole island is a playground

Even though Gili Lankanfushi doesn’t have a traditional kids’ club, I think it’s one of the most family-friendly resorts in the Maldives. At Gili, the entire island is a playground for children. Through a variety of activities (free and paid), the staff cares deeply about educating children about the world and the environments in which they find themselves.

Gili offers activities that are fun for children, but also extremely interesting and informative. For example, you can choose between jungle cinema, surfing on the lagoon, or participating in gardening sessions. The list is never-ending and the team at Gili helps parents tailor activities to suit their family’s needs and desires.

3/ Soneva Jani, overwater villa with slide

There’s also plenty to explore indoors, from a gentle sensory area for toddlers to a Lego and costume room to a mocktail bar for teens. Your child can even join a DJ booth or create their own music on the piano steps. The Den is staffed with skilled, attentive babysitters. You can leave your child there with complete peace of mind.

As far as accommodations go, you can choose between beachfront retreats with freshwater lakes and incredibly spacious overwater villas with slides.

4/ The Ritz-Carlton Maldives, Fari Islands, home of the Hobbits

“The Ritz Kids Club, designed by Kerry Hill, an Australian architect internationally known for his tropical modern architecture, is a real family attraction at the Ritz Carlton. Inside the futuristic hobbit house, kids will enjoy every activity you can think of, from water skiing to face painting.

5/ Patina Maldives, the center of educational activities

“The main reason Patina made the list is because of Footprints, the kids club, and the incredible staff who work there. More than just a children’s club, Footprints is also a center of educational and experimental activities. Here, children are given space and freedom to explore and create. The most popular operation is definitely The Fab, a 3D printing and laser cutting technology studio. Here, children can turn ocean plastic into models using 3D printing and laser cutting technology. Imagine designing and actually delivering a racing car!

There are also lots of opportunities for children to play and explore outdoors. For example, paddleboards and kayaks are at your disposal. But what’s really great is that every child’s first scuba diving class is free and led by a resident marine biologist who will teach kids about the importance of biodiversity and how to care for them.

Accessories to coordinate with great beachwear

To add personality and style as well as match the mood of the sea, certain accompanying accessories are indispensable. Don’t forget to bring this accessory below to help make your trip more complete: 

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Personalized Hawaiian shirts & 5 family-friendly resorts in the Maldives

Caps and wide-brimmed beach hats

Caps or wide-brimmed hats not only help protect you from the sun containing harmful UV rays but also create a highlight for your beach outfit. They can shield and protect facial skin while keeping the eyes from glare and squinting when taking photos. In addition, this is a lifesaver for your hair in the midst of strong winds, keeping your hair neat and avoiding tangles.


As one of the fashion accessories extremely suitable for use on beach trips, sunglasses bring a stylish, individual, and extremely attractive look. Currently, fashion glasses have many designs and styles for customers to choose from, but you should choose lenses with UV protection to best protect your eyes.

Beach sandals

To comfortably move on the sand or in the ocean, sandals or flip-flops are a great choice. This powerful assistant will help you easily walk on the sand without worrying about burning your feet when the temperature gets too high. You should choose sandals that are light in weight and have good anti-slip properties to comfortably take every step on the beach. 

Personalized beach bag

An important item that cannot be missed on every outing is a handbag. This can be considered a divine accessory that can hold a series of necessary items such as phones, wallets, sunscreen, sunglasses, hats, etc. You should choose bags that are waterproof or easy to make. Clean when stuck to sand or sea water so you can safely store important items. In addition, carrying a bag will help make your beach outfit unique and less monotonous.

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