Top 5 country music ‘s star of all times

country music star
With yearly album sales of more than 10 million copies, country music is consistently one of the most widely consumed musical styles in the United States, . Moreover, it is one of the music genres that is played the most frequently on streaming sites like as Spotify and Pandora. The following are the top five stars in this field.

1. Morgan Wallen

Morgan Wallen, who is originally from Tennessee, published his first extended play (EP), titled Stand Alone, in 2016, and his debut album, titled If I Knew Me, was certified double platinum in 2018. The subsequent record, a mammoth record consisting of 30 songs and titled Dangerous: The Double Album, was released on January 8th, 2021, and it immediately rose to the top of the album rankings upon its initial release.

The video was shot on January 30 and uploaded to the website TMZ on February 2, 2019. In it, Wallen can be heard uttering the n-word in front of a bunch of his buddies. After receiving immediate pushback from the general public as well as the media, in addition to being suspended by his label Big Loud, he apologized for his behavior, underwent counseling, and made a donation of $300,000 to the Black Music Action Coalition. Wallen is once again a member of the label’s roster as of recently.

At the time of this country music writing, Dangerous has spent 59 weeks at the top of the country album charts, shattering the previous record held by Shania Twain’s Come On Over album for most consecutive weeks spent at the top of the country album charts. Dangerous went on to become the year 2021’s album with the most sales in any genre. Morgan Wallen songs also found himself at No. 1 on the R&B singles chart in the end of 2021, thanks to his collaboration with Lil Burk on the song “Broadway Gurls.”

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2. Luke Combs

The singer-songwriter is known for his distinctive rasp as well as his deep tenor, which, when combined, provide country music listeners with the grit that they have come to appreciate.

His discography is like a roller coaster journey filled with breakups, makeups, falling in love, and partying in between. Although Combs’ voice has a unique, identifiable tone, his discography is like a roller coaster experience. You will recognize Luke as soon as you hear that voice, but you won’t be able to predict what will happen next.

Combs country singers has a number of hits that range from introspective to lighthearted, but they are always complex and infectious. Combs is known for his mastery in the art of songwriting, which he demonstrates in songs like as “Forever After All” and “Beer Never Broke My Heart” by bringing to mind commonplace images or listing off familiar events before tying them all together.

Combs’ distinctive musical approach has been leveraged throughout the construction of a discography that, even at this early stage, merits the epithet “legendary.” We take a deep dive into his country music ‘scatalog to select the premium tracks he has released thus far.

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3. Chris Stapleton

Chris Stapleton, who was born in Kentucky and raised in Nashville, had been quietly penning songs behind closed doors for over 15 years before to his breakthrough with the album Traveller in 2015. Before that, he was considered country music’s best-kept secret.

Stapleton is the songwriter behind country music songs like as “Crash and Burn” by Thomas Rhett, “Your Guy” by Josh Turner, and “Drink a Beer” by Luke Bryan. He has also penned songs for artists such as Tim McGraw, George Strait, Lee Ann Womack, Alan Jackson, and even Adele.

It was on the evening of the CMA Awards in 2015 that Stapleton took up three wins – following a memorable duet with Justin Timberlake – and very much transformed the direction of the country mainstream overnight. This was the night when the cat was finally let out of the bag when it came to country music.

In a little more than half a decade, he has delivered some of the most astonishing albums that can be found in this genre. The following is a list compiled by Holler of the top Chris Stapleton songs.

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4. Carrie Underwood

An arrogant Las Vegas diva with the Okie girl-next-door wholesomeness of a Puzzler magazine cover girl, she is the most successful American Idol champion in the history of the competition and the reigning queen of country revenge. She is also the reigning queen of country vengeance.

Carrie Underwood has established herself as one of the most durable and well-loved artists in country music. This is the case regardless of whether she is exacting vengeance on an unfaithful waste of space partner or leading us all the way to church. She has won seven Grammy awards, 15 ACM awards, sold over 70 million records worldwide, recorded eight studio albums, and performed at the Grand Ole Opry over one hundred times. Her Greatest country music Hits CD brings her total number of performances at the Opry to nine.

In only sixteen years, Underwood has established herself as one of the most successful country music performers of her time, building an enduring legacy in the process. Holler makes the most of this occasion to rate a few of the musical highlights that have occurred over her extraordinary career, which shows no signs of slowing down in the near future.

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5. Blake Shelton

Over his twenty-year career, Blake Shelton has maintained his position as the preeminent figure in the country music world.

You can always tell who you’re listening to as soon as you hear his voice, despite the fact that he has the flexibility to pull off a ballad, went through the bro-country period, and has even embraced the pop/rock flavor that is often introduced into current country.

We take a deep dive into his discography in order to list all of Shelton’s most popular country music songs here. Is it one of his more recent ballads, a ballad that became a classic in the early 2000s, or maybe even a commercial smash hit?

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Lovers of country music aren’t shocked to see stars like Blake Shelton and Luke Bryan on the list. Each of them released highly successful albums in 2014. A judge on American Idol and presenter of this year’s CMA Awards, Bryan is likely to have had a sales spike with the publication of the deluxe edition of his Born Here Live Here Die Here album in April, around the same time as Shelton released Body Language and Macon, respectively.

Many singles by Chris Stapleton also made Billboard’s Top 10 in digital sales and streaming for the year, and his album Beginning Over helped put him at No. 4 on the list. Favorites also included Kane Brown and Florida Georgia Line; the latter group would go on to release 2021’s Life Rolling On and collaborate with rap star Nelly on a country album. Further to his hit “One Mississippi,” Brown maintained his cross-genre reputation with a number of collaborations, and his duet with Chris Young, “Famous Friends,” was the most played song on country radio in 2021.