Kylian Mbappe – Valuable Player Of French At World Cup 2022

Kylian Mbappe - Valuable Player Of French At World Cup 2022

Any football fan who hears the name Kylian Mbappe immediately thinks of a boy with short hair, dark skin, the speed of an F1 driver, and the ability to score goals.

Kylian Mbappe as a child

Kylian Mbappe grew up in a sporting family. Mr. Wilfrid is his father, a former coach of AS Bondy, a small football team in Paris’ northeastern suburbs. Fayza Lamari, a former professional handball player, is his mother. Kylian was brought to the club by his father while he was still in the cradle because his mother was working. 

Football kept seeping into the boy’s blood when his father taught tactics to only the young players at AS Bondy. Kylian’s first friend as a toddler was… the ball. From his window, he set up a chair to watch his father coach at AS Bondy’s training ground, which was only a yard away. Kylian became a familiar “small guest” of AS Bondy when he was four years old.

Once considered Cristiano Ronaldo as an idol

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Previously, Kylian Mbappe stated that Cristiano Ronaldo is his biggest football inspiration. The French striker also described CR7’s (Real Madrid) magical turn of the table against Juventus in the 2018 Champions League quarter-final as the most beautiful goal he has ever seen. When asked who his childhood idols were, Mbappe said Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, and Neymar. “I have many idols, but my favorite is Cristiano Ronaldo,” Mbappe said.Both Mbappe and Ronaldo made waves prior to the World Cup due to their overpowering egos, causing underground ripples in the team and having a direct impact right before a big tournament.

Becoming a “bad guy” when joining PSG

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Mbappe was a young star who was adored by many people not only for his talent but also for his gentle and honest personality. However, after only a few months at PSG, the sincere player has become a “bad boy” Mbappe PSG in the true sense of the term.

On the field, the 1998-born footballer frequently clashes with his seniors. Even though Neymar was his best attacking partner, he did not hesitate to publicly criticize him in front of the press. Not content with deliberately causing friction with teammates, the 23-year-old striker also criticized PSG’s tactical system. Many fans turned their backs on Kylian Mbappe with his unruly behavior, mocking the player born in 1998 as a funny nickname “PSG Vice President” or “The Little God of France.”

However, only in the last two months has the “Golden Boy” changed his behavior and become more cautious in his words and actions. The first sign is hugging Neymar to celebrate every goal he scores or smiling with his seniors on the practice field. Mbappe is also more reserved in front of the press when discussing the PSG collective, the French national team, teammates, or future goals.

Will Kylian Mbappe be considered the “successor” to Pele?

Previously, the legendary Pele had heaped praise on Mbappe. In a 2021 interview with Marca, the Brazilian “King of Football” said Mbappe was even brighter. Pele stated, “I see my special qualities in Mbappe’s ability to play.”Pele himself has stated that Mbappe will be the “new Pele” of world football. He believes Kylian Mbappe is getting better by the day. Pele can confidently predict that he will succeed to his position and become the new “Soccer King.”

Pele praised the young French talent in 2019 as a “smart, agile, unpredictable player” worthy of winning the Ballon d’Or – Golden Ball. The award was given to superstar Lionel Messi that year. If you are a fan of Mbappe and his team at the World cup 2022, you should keep in mind these items from Kooltee:

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Happiness moments of Mbappe

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Center of attention and the greatest hope of France

In the World Cup 2022, Kylian Mbappe is also the greatest hope of the French team in the journey to defend the gold cup. Mbappe, at the age of 23, possesses all of the skills of a top striker, including the ability to score goals, play, tactical vision, concentration, speed, and great technique.

There are many world-class stars in the French squad right now, but it is not an exaggeration to say that Mbappe is the center of attention and the greatest hope.Because Kylian Mbappe has only attended two World Cups in his digital shorts career, a slew of other World Cup records await him. Mbappe, who was only 18 at the time, contributed four goals and one assist to France’s victory in the first World Cup in 2018. Mbappe fifa 2022 will help the French team win the championship or not is highly anticipated by fans. 


Kylian Mbappe is gradually maturing in both personality and playing skills, and he is France’s best hope for the 2022 World Cup.